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Can anyone help please. Was having a discussion about the good old days and someone said that they won the Junior Cup as a Sunday League side and are the only team to do so?? He claimed that Roskear Rangers won it whilst playing in a Sunday league but I cannot find any record of it. He named the players as Dave N'jie, Andy Tasker,  Chris Rowe, Willy James et al who I remember as being the saturday Pool side. Two questions: Can you enter the Junior Cup as a Sunday league team and have Roskear Rangers ever won it? I think no to both but stand to be corrected

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Roskear Rangers were a Sunday side playing in the west cornwall sunday league.

I played against them many times when I played for Probus . Had many a good battle against them. 

They won the County Sunday Cup in the 80s/90s . A sunday side can only enter the ccfa sunday competition.

So they cant enter the Junior cup which is for Saturday sides only.

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