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  1. Sorry if I'm wrong but weren't NE in the trelawney league / mining league and pulled out. In the east Cornwall and pulled out. Now in the duchy and want to pull out. And join the combo. At least Probus have tried to do it the proper way. How would any Trelawney premier club feel if they were stopped from promotion, For a duchy league team to get their spot. Come on be fair. Rant over.
  2. Best thing then is Newlyn east apply for feeder league . Trelawney. And earn their right to be excepted into the Combo. The are in the east Cornwall feeder league. Only my opinion again.
  3. Well how fair is that. A lower league team get the vote Dave. Stinks if you ask me. This is solely my opinion.
  4. Well said Dave. Seems to me the same sides are in and out of the combo when ever it suits them. About time as you said, teams should earn the wright . Maybe I'm a little biast but, for instance Probus. Have fought their way through promotions in the last few seasons.. Now in the Premiership. Would it be right to let other clubs to just walk in to the combo , before them. Wouldn't seem right to me. This is my opinion and nothing to do with Probus. Rant over.
  5. Only having a bit of banter mate. 😀. Nice to see a few Probus lads still playing for their village. Players are like sheep these days. No loyalty at all . Thanks for keeping it going. Will you last as long as Paul though ? 😁
  6. Mr Paul miles. What can I say. Class has no age .Good on you Paul 😀.
  7. We had Chris with us at Probus when he first moved down to Cornwall. Scored alot of goals for us in the Duchy prem. Not just a good goalscorer but a top bloke with it. Well done Shacks.
  8. I know you did. I was the daft , person looking for them after the games.
  9. A good win for exiles today. Never an easy place to go to get a result. BUT. Insulting Probus players and management like you have is pretty sad. This forum is for results and the game description. You should keep the insults to yourself number 6 and not air it on this forum. You only make yourself and your club look poor. Good luck in the next round.
  10. Probus Grampound. Big rivals in the past. Local Derbys. I played for them in the Tim Lobb days. Lovely pitch and a superb committee. They deserve better. Big loss if they withdraw from the Duchy league. They must be one of the longest serving clubs. Good luck for the future.
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