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St Stephens Borough 2015/16

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St Stephens Borough require a new Management Team & Committee (Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) for season 2015/16.

Any interested parties should contact myself on 07974 245898.

Closing date 30th April 2015.


That is a big ask, to replace the entire infrastructure in one go. How do you go about the decision making? Are you the king maker Andy? Who will interview/appoint this new Committee and officers and will the League recognise their authority? There is surely a risk of wholesale takeover by some interested party/faction.

So what, may I ask happened to the outgoing Officers/Committee? Worrying times at St. Stephens.

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Having had many trials and tribulations over the last few years keeping the club going, the club is now a success on and off the field. The idea was to promote from within but through no fault of anybody, this has fallen through. Therefore, the decision was made to put it out in the public domain for somebody to take on a ready made squad. The opportunity is there for the right minded people to come in and do a job. If nobody comes forward then the situation will be reviewed again.

The pitch situation is not an issue, in fact there are no issues to worry about at all. If we do get promoted then we will be going up.

Any incoming bodies will be interviewed and approved by the existing committee, which comprises of just three. We will also aid in any way that we can to make a smooth transition.


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Great news in regards to everything being ok Andy. I always find the 'minnows' or 'pub teams' bring a lot to the higher league's, as proved by Godolphin, St Dennis etc & currently Polperro & Edgcumbe proving more than a match for the established ECPL teams. Good luck with promotion.

​Thanks, I've got a lot of respect for those teams too.

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