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Well, right result I reckon if not the right score. Two blatant off sides for United and City lucky to end up with eleven men on the pitch. When there's so much at stake, financialy and reputationally, it's about time we saw the Video Umpire/Referee. For the little extra time it might consume we would be repaid a hundred fold in fairness. And why shouldn't the players have a breather after a moment of controversy, it might just cool those tempers and keep the red card in the pocket.

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I have to admit that this topic was supposed to be titled "Red & Blue" but a) I haven't got a clue how to edit a topic (bit of a technophobe me!) and B) when I noticed, I thought it summed up my opinion rather better than the original! 

Why do I keep getting the bloody emoticon when I am trying to do "b)"?

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