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Waning interest in SW Peninsula League?

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Have to regretfully admit that posting on a Saturday evening over the past few months has not been easy, unless you are a very patient person!

In recent weeks alone, the number of people trying to view the Forum has reached levels of 6 x capacity and up to as high as 11 x capacity! Since the forum started, we have had a major improvement in smart phones, tablets etc and so hence the increased demand eventually tipping us over the edge!

This has certainly reduced the number of immediate reactive posts that would normally be placed on the forums soon after a game. However, when you look at some of the recent threads - viewings of 1600, 2400 and similar suggest the interest is still there, but perhaps for the moment postings are lower.

Richard Chown, fellow administrator, is currently spending a lot of time sorting this and sourcing possible alternatives and solutions are very close to hand. Over the last two weekends hopefully already people will have seen an improvement. All I can say on that front is remain patient and bear with it for a little longer please.

Other reasons - well firstly there is really no other alternative forum around - this is by far the most popular, even with occasional overload problems. This problem is in itself an indication of our success. Obviously there are other sites you should still visit for information - as an example the SWPL site and forum is great for informative detail and I would expect any football follower at this level to visit it, but of course as well as our own here!

Finally, yes no doubt the doom and gloom posters don't help. But unless we all start posting the brighter side of the game, we'll never beat them! Perhaps every time we read a negative post, we should decide to counteract it with a new positive one?

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Good to hear that site updates are in the pipeline.

I remain concerned over the lack of contributions and perhaps this is reflected also in attendances at the games?

I hope that previous regular contributors will be posting match reports in the near future, encouraging interest in the league and the good-natured dialogue that generally follows.

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I also think that the forum is very well supported but with nothing to report other than putting up results and scorers etc and I think more tend to read the independent for the action taking place. Not being biased, but I am volunteering on doing the match stats each week as its not discriminating teams, it's just looking at match stats and seeing which teams score the most, the highest and lowest attendances and narrowing down to stats for each division.

I do not know what Richard is planning but I guess looking at SWPL website there could be forums in separate Divisions for example Premier, Division One East and West. Posters wanted me to do separate posts for Divisions so this would help me, but I think the work Richard and Dave do is excellent.

Plus I remember attendances averaging over 100 per clubs (19) now only 4 do, why is this?

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I have to say that at Torpoint our crowds are up by over twenty a game. Based on our average last year. However, like other clubs we give free entrance to youth players et al. This leads to a community spirit.

This year we have increased our social media footprint and this has led to great support from the local community.

The club has a great spirit and volunteers who work so hard for the club.

Without the volunteers you can not run a club / team - their passion and hard work makes club.

They don't take a penny and love their club. And pay for so many things

I have said it before and will reiterate again the club officials, managers, volunteers keep football in Cornwall going.

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