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Mini Ground Hop Day!!!

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Just woke up after a nightshift and I'm a little bit bored of watching match of the day 2 on sky+. Suarez is doing my head in, what a gifted horrible *****, hope someone teaches him a little lesson soon, bring back a Tommy Smith or Norman Hunter figure and I don't think he would be kicking out and slapping opposing players too much after that little experience!? Shame cos he is a class act, loved him at Ajax until he gobbed into a couple of dutch faces! Anyway on to last Saturday, dropped the mrs off at Asda for 2.15 and frantically got the West Briton sports pages out, Rhod Michell what a legend!! Looked at the fixtures, Penryn v Ludgvan combo supp cup game with a 2.30 kick off, ideal!!! Penryn managed by my old mate and boss Phil Kellow with his three very talented footballing and cricketing sons Steve, Richard and Scott hopefully playing and my old mucker Winno in goal. Got there just in time for kick off and the boy was well chuffed with the little training area next to the pitch has he had his mitre in hand as always and off he went for his solo kick around, bless! Was greeted by Phil's lovely wife Sue at the gate for a catch up but Phil was directing operations by then in his technical area so didn't want to interrupt! The hosts took an early lead with a cracking left foot finish from Matt McIlroy, proper strikers goal, but Ludgvan were getting plenty of joy down the left and forced several corners and a one on one which Winno used all his experience for and made the strikers mind up for him to go to his right and he saved easily, still got it mate!!! Had a quick chat with Pottsy who is out with injury and is also Mr Penryn with well over 500 appearances for the club at all levels, great bloke and what a servant, not sure we will see the likes of him again in this day and age. Also bumped into serial award pitch winner mr Dave Bakes who for many a season had Kernick looking like Wembley on cup final day! Had the call from the mrs, ready to pick up in 15 minutes which gave me the chance to pop across the road to the "doggy pitch" to see Penryn 3rds v my old team Frogpool in Trelawny league DIV 2. Only managed to catch about 10 minutes but in that time saw the goal of the day from Frogpool right back Rowan who smashed a rising shot into the top corner from 25 yards!!! A great goal at any level!! Nice to see manager Nick Mallaber again, one of the nicest guys in football and if it wasn't for him and wife Michelle and all their hours of hard work there wouldn't be a Frogpool which would be a shame as its a fantastic little club to be involved with. Ten minutes late for the wife to be called an anorach and football saddo etc, so whipped her down to McDonalds for a nice warm hot chocolate which she could take to the Falmouth Athletic v Perranwell combo game 200 metres up the road in a minute!!!!! :-) glad she likes football!!! Got there just in time to see Perran go 4-0 up and game over before it began!!! To be fair watched the 20 minutes just before half time from the bank behind the goal and it was quite end to end and even so not sure what transpired in the previous 25 minutes!? The boy was chuffed to have his half time kick around in the Draceana nets and was smashing them in from all angles against what looked like a seven year keeper!! Not too much fun for the poor weeman at his half time kick around!!! Stayed for a couple second half minutes before departing for last stop of the day Bickland Park, the best memories of my football days. Still got the same buzz walking in as I always had but the ground has got a tired look to it now, still a proper football ground but a bit like my playing career, has seen better days!!! :-( promised the mrs and boy a lovely bag of Bickland chips to warm the cockles only to find the window shut so they went shivering off to the stands as I was gasping for a piss after I went large on my McDonalds cup of tea!! Gutted to find the toilets "out of action" but was that desperate had a slash against the wall as I looked across at Rosey in goal and remembered some of my finest times in football as the steam was rising!! Made my way back through the sparsely populated stand and could remember when there wasn't a spare seat to be had in there when I bumped into Rosey Snr, a well known ex player, referee and now helping his old friend Westie out as club secretary, what a gentleman, always a pleasure to see him. Also had an old days chat to ex chairman mr Roger Fenner who has seen some great teams play on that pitch over the years, just glad I was a small part of a couple of them. No doubt hoping Robbie and Uncle Les can bring the glory days back again. The match itself was a decent contest with St.ives in control with Ryan Bushby who I knew as a young 16 year old at Argyle still pulling more strings than a thunderbird employee but Town had the twin threat of Westie junior and Bryn up front and those boys can finish but as It was I saw an own goal at either end before the daughter called saying she wanted her and her sleepover mate to be picked up outside Burger King in Truro at 5pm. I'm sitting in the stand at Bickland at 4.43pm mind you!!! We got back to the sauna warmth of the car as Rach put the heating on full beans all the way back to Carnon Downs as me and Jack listened intently to the football results to see which score has cocked me coupon up again for another week!!! He pointed out to me that we had actually watched four games of football today and had only travelled about three miles to do it!!! Cornish football at its best, who would swap it eh!!!??? Sorry if I've bored anyone and well done to those that have read down to this far!!! Regards, Rappo x

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