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red cards on sundays affect saturdays??

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Bans are processed and when compleated if u go on the ccfa website it tells u wether u have a 1 game team ban or weather i belive then call it a (sin) ban witch includes all football

ok, well i have spoken to certain people some saying that the bans dont start till 3 weeks after the initial sending off which is strange :S ?? and didnt know sunday sending offs were on website i know saturday bans go on to trelawney league site

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I thought the new match based system meant that if a player is sent off for a Saturday team then the subsequent ban relates to any Saturday teams he's signed on for and similarly if he gets sent off for a Sunday side the ban relates to all Sunday football.

For example if a SWPL player plays for CCL or ECPL team because his SWPL team didn't have a game and gets sent off, his ban will kick in 21 days from the date of the sending off and he will be banned from playing for any Saturday side until the team he got sent off for have played the number of games he is banned for.

This can have major consequences for players guesting for lower league teams at the end of the season.

Lets say a SWPL player turn out for a CCL team's last game of the season and gets sent off and receives a 3 game ban. By the time the ban kicks in the CCL season has finished but the SWPL season hasn't, he then can't play any Saturday football until that CCL team has played 3 games the following season!!

Same goes for Sunday football.

However, if a player gets sent off for his SWPL team and gets a 3 game ban but they have a midweek game scheduled that counts towards the ban so he could arguably miss Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday and be back playing Saturday football within a week and still be eligible to play Sundays.

I think that's how it works

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