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  1. CoachKT

    Managers, what do they know?

    I would think most managers these days have some form of coaching qualification and if they haven’t they would (or should) have a coach with at least Level 1, which includes a basic First Aid qualification. A lot if not most clubs in the SWPL have also got defribulators now as well for use in emergencies with at least one person on hand match days who knows how to use it. (again this is now included in the Emergency First Aid Course). I do think however that in most cases the players and managers / coaches are caught in the moment when it comes to making decisions regarding substituting players in these instances and often the player will want to play on (even though they probably should come off). If a player gets a muscle or impact injury and can’t run then usually that is more obvious and substitutions are made but unless the player has an existing medical condition that they and their manager are aware of (i.e. asthma) they tend not to immediately think about coming off. Naivety and focusing on the result rather than the well being of the player(s) are what most managers are quilty of in these instances.