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Result Tuesday 21/4

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Guest hellboy

Chacewater had 2 key players missing tonight bare eleven.

Chacewater for most of the game ran riot against Mawnan played some cracking football. Secound half Mawnan never had a sniff of goal.

Some cracking defending by Jon row played centre back never missed a thing really fristrated the forwards.

Chacewater were far the better side Mawnan never really looked like winining tonight

Well played lads.

Unlucky to Mawnan.

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Lanner 2 Tine 3

Well a good 3 points for Tine in the end.

Not the best performance of the season going 2 down in 5 mins to a spirited Lanner side on a very bumpy pitch in a forgetable first half for Tine

Once the first half was over the Tine lads got together and ground out the three goals needed to take the points in the second half. Job done - move on.

:drink: :c:

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A good performance from Lanner 2nite going 2 goals up against Constantine the best team in division 2.A great start by lanner going 2 goals up in 1st 10 minutes 2 excellent goals from Goldy and held our lead til half time.But then half time arrived and lanner lost their momentum and started 2nd half slow allowing tine to get back into game with some defensive mistakes to go 3-2 ahead and then Goldy hit crossbar from 40 yards which would have been a well deserved goal for Lanner who deserved at least a draw for the performance they put in which defied their position at the bottom of the league.

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i counted about 6 mawnan players not playin that i would say were first team regulars. thought mawnan were the better team in the first half leading 2.1 but didnt see the second half so suppose that was all chacewater seein that they scored 3 goals. looked like chacewater had a full strengh team out. shame mawnan didnt as this would off made it a better game. sayin that tho the surface didnt allow for much good passin football as the pitch surface reminded me a bit off falmouth rugby clubs surface. typical end off season bumpy and hard.

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Well said angell!! Spot on. Sure Chace were prob missing players but they had most of the lads that had played against us last time out. Think we had 5/6 missing plus 3 that started with injuries and Chucker whos not played for a long long time.

That though is no excuse for a shocker of a 2nd half!! Typical end of season game with nowt to play for for us.

Well done Chace you put the chances away, hellboy is right about jon row though he had a superb game!

Just like to say well done to the league for the genius descision of playing our semi final at Mullion with a 6.30 kick off. Fal Town, Penryn, Wendron, Helston???? :SM_carton: :SM_carton:

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Guest gunners

Alright gillo Rower here thanks for the kind words mate.

I thought u had a good game yourself bud.

Watching u giving your midfeild hell a few times in the secound half kept me amused mate, i understand how frustrating it is when playes are just allowed to walk through and have a shot on goal.

Are u boys going for combo mext year? I f u are good luck to all.

Probaly see u around Gillo on the town somewhere, take it easy mate.

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To be fair both teams had players missing,Mawnan more that Chacewater.Chacewater needed the win and points to stay in touch for second place this season and the league has already been won by Mawnan.

First half Mawnan scored from a penalty early on with Mike Elliott equalising midway through the half.Mawnan broke away through Smudge to square the ball to make it 2-1 at half time.Chacewater tended to overhit the ball first half and Mawnan were content to counter attack.

Second half was mostly Chacewater's with Mike Elliott wrapping up his hat trick and another goal came from Andy Dyer.Dyer also had another ruled out late in the match.

Well done Mawnan on a very good league season and best of luck in the cup semi-final.

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Cheers for that Deano, get you a pint next yr :drink:;)

Sorry for the language Jon, just got a tad annoyed with the red carpet treatment, thought they were going to be offered a cuppa on the way sometimes!!! Dont think we have applied for combo so we will be sticking around to try and defend the title.

See ya in local bars soon no doubt bud :drink:

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Guest Spenny

you're right gillo, typical end of season game with nothing to play for on a bumpy old pitch. We did have five missing too though, dan bennetts, darren bennetts, john dunstan, steve capling and simon lynton, so we are quite pleased with the result considering.

Agree about jon rowe also, outstanding, makes my life easier and as you all know i need all the help i can get!!!

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