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Fixture changes

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Due to the floodlights at Millbrook not working the two midweek fixtures have been moved-subject to club approval.

Millbrook v Penzance now 4th.May 3pm (Bank Holiday) fromWed.15th.April

Millbrook v Newquay now Saturday 9th.May 3pm. from Tues. 28th.April

As reported on the SWPL website.

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

As far as Newquay are concerned, a match on 9th May at Millbrook is much better than a midweek trek, it also means that all those who may decide who goes up, play on the same day at the same k.o. time.

Does next season really start on Sat 8th August ? I'd have to book another bloomin day off !

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I think the fixtures secretaries at ALL levels of football do a great job,

our winter conditions cannot rule out postponements, not knowing when

the severe weather weeks are going to affect games it rules out a winter


The fixture secretaries must spend many hours ensuring they keep most

people happy, those who are married must take some stick from their


The Referees secretaries must get the most stick, no matter who they allocate

to officiate they will upset at least one of the clubs involved.

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