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Past mining winners ??

Guest cool beans

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I have found this in my records, and would presume it to be correct, unless anyone knows otherwise?

07/08 Portreath

06/07 Portreath

05/06 Threemilestone :yahoo::smiley20:

04/05 Gulval

03/04 Gwinear Churchtown

02/03 Gulval

01/02 Trispen

00/01 Trispen

99/00 Carharrack

98/99 Carharrack

97/98 Carharrack

96/97 Carharrack

95/96 Camborne Town

94/95 Chacewater

93/94 Chacewater

92/93 Trelander

91/92 Halsetown

90.91 St Ives Town

89/90 Chacewater

88/89 Carharrack

87/88 Hayle

86/87 Lanner

85/86 Chacewater

84/85 Chacewater

83/84 Hayle

82/83 Hayle

81/82 St Ives Dodgems

80/81 Holmans

79/80 Hayle

78/79 Pengegon

77/78 Truro Athletic

76/77 Truro Athletic

75/76 Troon

74/75 Crantock

73/74 St Day

72/73 Heathcoats

71/72 St Day.

After this i don't know, but there's another 65 years of winners before this! Any old timers out there with any records?

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Hi CKNB. I'm sure soccer follower will be able to name more than this, being that he is about 85 :P

Im not sure if the list is totally correct, i thought Goonhavern might have be in there somewhere?

Suprised teams like Holmans and Troon haven't won it more often, although i know they have had quite a few years in f/h league.

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