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tinners today

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Down from Truro seeing Mawther, I picks up the official horgan of the 'Pies, misnamed "The Cornishman". Couldn't believe my eyes. Mewts intends to put his star signing Cheesy out on Tuesday night against the Tinners. Now, what do I know, I'm just un unaffiliated old soccer fan standing on the rail, nothing to do with either club, though I'd have been tempted to bung the 'Pies a few grand in the past if they'd had any ambition then !....anyway, I was flabbergasted.

Has Mewts ever been out to St Just ? Does he know anything about Penwith history, about the Tewsters offering Spaniards political asylum to go back and burn down the rest of Smacktown. Amyway, nuff of that !

All I can say is this ! I have a fine mahogany tallboy, eighteenth century, displayed all fitty in a nice sitting room. I wouldn't put it down in the clubhouse for the boys to scat the mud off by booting it, I can tell'ee.

Putting out Cheesy against the Tinners ! It's like,it's like taking your silver apostle spoons to a barbecue on the Grenvolle Estate and leaving them there for tealeaves (hello Fraser Cads, alright, my handsome, we're still watching you !) to spoon blood on the steaks with. Five Curnows in that squad now. Alright, in Penlee the pitch edn't so close that Mawther can scat at the opposing wingers with her walking stick, but I thought Cheesy was there for the long run and meant to help the 'Pies climb the Pyramid.

Up to youi, Mewts, obviously. Course, it might be that a run out with Flacky is just the thing to enhance his overall vision in the middle of the field, sense of how to run a game, like, top man, all top men in Penlee, fair play to you all, I take my hat off to you.

Ouch. :c:

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hi CTB,

yeah, I watched the 1969 games. In Pz Tinners won 4-3.Strick scored 3 of them.You guys came back from 3-0 to level, then he got an 84th minute winner down the far end by chipping trhe keeper. Up St Just it was 2-2, I think.

82, not sure. I was going through a crisis over my badly writtemn PHd proposal at warwick Univ and they wouldn't let me out to watch football till I analysed Robert Graves's use of semi-colons in the later editions of his "cou8ntry Sentiment" collection, so unfortunately I was distracted from my destiony fort the moment.

Neville Berryman probably has accurate records.

See you Tuesday night. Might be a bit 1-sided.......

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