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For months now many Wolves fans have been complaining about the clubs C.E.O.  not spending money on new players ( like Chelsea !!!!! )  and selling  players like Neves  and Moutinou  (  very underated player  in this country ) to keep the books balanced  . Today it turns out  that it was a wise move by him with Everton being deducted 10 points for falling foul of this complicated rule . How many more clubs are now subject to falling foul of this complex rule , Manchester City , Chelsea ? .  This case will shake the Premiership  world  and could drag on for years . Interesting point is what happens  if after say 5 years this rule is dropped because the investigation is too complicated   to be resolved ? . What will happen to the clubs relegated because of points deduction ?

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As I understand it clubs may not  overspend by more than £105 million  over 3 years . Last season Everton made an operating loss of £44million  which meant that their overall loss over 3 seasons was £124 million .

I think ( and I mean I only think ) that clubs like Liverpool , Manchester City and that other lot  have an advantage over many other clubs  because firstly their stadiums have a bigger capacity than many others , meaning that their gate revenue is much greater plus they all play in European championship games so the prize money is also taken into account  . An advantage but not unfair but because they are successful . I think that simple minds like myself are baffled how  cub like  Manchester United are allegedly in debt to the tune of £8oo million but don't fall foul of this law . I'm not implying that there's any chicanery involved but it's very complex .

Apologies Dave but this situation prompts a joke .

3 people apply for a job with a leading accountancy . The first one is interviewed , whats 20, 00 take away  56 multiplied by 6 . he gives the correct answer and is told that they will contact him later .The second person is interviewed and asked a complicated question about pension contributions and tax relief . He gives a satisfactory answer and is told that they will contact him later . The third person sits down and is asked  what will the tax deduction plus national insurance contribution be on a salary of £60000 per annum . he replies " what do you want it to be ?"  the interviewer says " what's the earliest you can start ?"    

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