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  1. I don't know about mojo. But if we carry on like this, we'll be needing a miracle. 😬
  2. Why don't the troublemakers get banned? Ban them for 24 hours. Then, if they carry on, ban them completely. I know we're all adults. But it's hard for some people to act like one (I know, I live with one). Plus, I've noticed that posts by the Admin can't be "reacted" to (i.e. liked or thanked). Why? I'm sure there are many posts that Dave Deacon has made, where users might have wanted to thank him, or "like" his reply (or reacted in some other way).
  3. Thanks for the reply. All away? I assume Treyew Road is having work done (unless the rumours are true, and City will be playing at the Mennaye next season 😶 ).
  4. Hi. I can't seem to find a fixture list for Truro's friendlies. Is there one, or are Truro just releasing details a few days before the next game on Twitter?
  5. I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaack

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