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  1. My father bought Truro Voice today, and from what I've read, Truro's new facility at Langarth will be separate to the S4C. Plus, the football club has a separate fund. Which is probably why the S4C has had to make minor adjustments to the stadium plans (i.e. make the rugby portion of the stadium smaller). I just hope we haven't "cut off our nose to spite our face", and it all goes "breasts up". Although I expect quite a few people would love to see that happen.
  2. You mean he doesn't want to be friends with the public? Quite right too... there is a virus going around. I quite like "BoJo" (the name). Although, I've got another name for him. Begins with "t" and ends in "t" (and I like to stay 2m away from those too). (Apologies if anyone found that a little offensive).
  3. This thread is discussing football. Plus, how the virus and politics (both in Government and football) will affect it. It might not be direct (and it maybe a little passionate), but it's got the point across.
  4. I didn't know that 😅 Tesco must be 💩 themselves
  5. I thought it was about time that was regurgitated again. I can't see why Lidl want there, when there's an Aldi just "up the road". What a load of ⚽⚽
  6. I don't know about mojo. But if we carry on like this, we'll be needing a miracle. 😬
  7. Why don't the troublemakers get banned? Ban them for 24 hours. Then, if they carry on, ban them completely. I know we're all adults. But it's hard for some people to act like one (I know, I live with one). Plus, I've noticed that posts by the Admin can't be "reacted" to (i.e. liked or thanked). Why? I'm sure there are many posts that Dave Deacon has made, where users might have wanted to thank him, or "like" his reply (or reacted in some other way).
  8. Thanks for the reply. All away? I assume Treyew Road is having work done (unless the rumours are true, and City will be playing at the Mennaye next season 😶 ).
  9. Hi. I can't seem to find a fixture list for Truro's friendlies. Is there one, or are Truro just releasing details a few days before the next game on Twitter?
  10. League Statement 24th March - Season 2019/20 The Alliance Leagues held the latest of several conference calls last night (Monday) after our own board, and those of the Isthmian and Northern Premier Leagues, met over the weekend to determine how we wish to proceed. We have also participated in calls with the Step 5/6 clubs. End of season The Step 3 & 4 Leagues share clubs’ frustration that it is taking so long to determine whether the 2019/20 season is to end now, and if so on what basis. To maintain the integrity of our competitions, we ideally need to apply one solution acros
  11. Isn't it sad when you have to invite people to come and stand with you 😂
  12. I haven't been around here for very long but, reading his posts, he seemed like a decent and very wise gentleman. Goodbye Sir. My condolences to his family and friends.
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