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  1. But if they win, they'll be down the pub. Which means your shirts will still be creased, and your dinner will be late. Better start learning how to do things for yourself 😆😉
  2. You're quite pathetic really. Although, I suppose you need something to take your mind off your own team's performance.
  3. Which forum? The forum as a whole, or just the women's football section? 😅 I don't know of any other women who are into football. I've been on other football forums. But I've always come up against blokes who have a problem with women knowing about "the beautiful game" (i.e. get back in the kitchen, don't you have some ironing to do...etc). I was even forced off one football forum. I like it here though. Although I've just had a flashback to the old days, and being on one of the other forums that I used to frequent. Not nice.
  4. I didn't mean that you're s**t stirring, I meant the title of the thread.
  5. What a load of dribble. The title of this thread got me. Is it supposed to be a discussion, or a way of stirring sh*t? I don't see why the o.p. couldn't have put "Truro City crowd numbers". Had Heaney never taken over TCFC, we'd never have got to Wembley. Okay, so he fudged it all up, but my father and I will always be grateful for those memories. Personally, TCFC has ended up being screwed over buy the last two owners of the club, and now the Pirates. The Stadium is "pie in the sky" (as my father says), and I can't see the Pirates delivering on the promise of a new ground at any point in the near future. Plus, the Pirates have said from the beginning that the rugby team will always be a priority over the football club. I'd LOVE to go and see City play at Blitho. But for personal reasons, it's just not possible.
  6. There aren't any other pitches in Cornwall that are up to the standard that Truro's pitch would need to be, for the league that they are playing in. The last time Truro were evicted from Treyew Road, we ended up at Torquay United's ground. (I hope that made sense)
  7. I wanted to know why/how they were useless. Sorry, I would've "liked" your post, but you don't have the "like" option that everyone else has. 😅
  8. My father remembers that fondly, as Trevor Salisbury came back for one match (I was told that City didn't have money to pay their players, so they left). The club moved to Kenwyn Hill. The pitch was slanted. Apparently it was mostly open, and that there was hardly any shelter from the rain up there. My father was living "up country" when Treyew Road re-opened. He missed the opening match with Spurs. Thinking about missing that match now, still "grinds his gears". (If we've got anything wrong/mixed up, I'm sure somone will correct us. ^^)
  9. Copied from Illogan's Facebook page (just in-case anyone doesn't do social media): https://www.facebook.com/illoganrblfc/ "It is with great disappointment and sadness that we announce the removal of our Reserve side from the Combination League with immediate effect. After a recent committee meeting and conversations with the management, we have deemed it best to act now before the season has started. With no management for the Combination League side and some of the players choosing to step up into the first team, we have been left in a situation with a lack of players to fulfil 3 sides - leaving the club with this difficult decision. Our new reserve side who will be playing in the Trelawny League have established themselves well within the club by bringing a mixture of experience and youth together however many of whom who did not wish to play in the Combination League. The club have deemed it best to remain with the Trelawny League and St Piran League with the intention to be competitive across the club with an aim of one day returning back to 3 teams once we are re-established and the pandemic is behind us. We wish Wardy, Mikey, their management teams and the players the best of luck for the upcoming season."
  10. So they can't afford to carry on without fans, but the league expects them to pay a £40,000 fine. Will they be paying the fine in installments?
  11. I wanted to play football when I was that age. But according to rules at the time (20 years ago), girls at secondary school age weren't allowed to play football (either as a student, or after school). I would've even had a trial at St. Agnes (goalkeeper), but I had no way of getting there. I was gutted. I still am (I would've been a Veteran next year! 😳). I expect that there are girls out there, who love football but are in a similar situation, and can't get to Bodmin. Those girls will miss out, and that's a shame (I know, there's nothing you can do about it). I hope you get a good turn-out.
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