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Request For Semi-final hosts

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Good evening,

The Cornwall Sunday League semi finals are now due to be played. 

Are there any club representatives that would be willing to allow us to use their facilities?

The first semi final is between FX Union and Dropship FC, so anywhere within a few miles of Falmouth would be fab.

The second game will is between Tremough and Lizard so anywhere between those two venues would be great.

Ideally, these games will be played mid week, as soon as possible. If you are able to host, please get in touch.

Thanks in advance 

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1 hour ago, Sijames said:

Surly dropship can use one of their 103747203747393 pitches they use as their ‘home’ pitches? 🤣

That wouldn't be a very neutral ground then would it 👀 or central... And the league has no affiliation to Dropship 

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8 hours ago, Rovers10 said:

Pendeen can host 

Thank you very much for the offer, it's greatly appreciated. We were able to secure Wendron for the semi finals and final which will suit our current clubs due to the distance to travel. Thanks again 

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