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Guest Spenny

Yeah i second that Neil, all the best to Darren, Baggie, Jason, Alan and all the boys at Portreath.

Hope you win but just remember to enjoy the day.

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Good luck to all envolved with Portreath F.C for the final on monday, I expect your all going to be looking very smart in your new speacial ties and shirts (Baggie told me all about them) :D

If you stop off in Truro on your way home just make sure that baggie has sat nav as he could quite easily get lost there. :D (Sorry fella couldnt resist)

I understand you boys have a big game but i was a little dissapointed more of you did not turn up at Jasons 40th (I think Alan may have something to say) :(

Message for Duane, Im just glad your football feet are better than your dancing shoes fella. :D

All the best for Monday and as has already been said by Spenny go out and enjoy the whole day. :thumbsup:

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Guest Dermot

Good luck to Simon & Luke 2 of the young Refs representing the West in the Senior Cup and The Junior Cup Finals,well done lads. ;0) :clapper:

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Guest sweeper

Everyone at Portreath would like to thank you all for your support.

We will give it our best shot to bring the cup back.

I hope to see a lot of friendly faces and hear a lot of support from the stands today. :yahoo:

See you all later.

Lets hope the weather holds and it doesn't rain otherwise we will be on second with a 4-30 kick off. :(

Well we wouldn't want the senior cup players to play on a muddy pitch and get there boots all dirty.


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