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Godolphin 8 - St Dennis 0

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 Where do we start the score i think Godolphin 8 - St Dennis 0 , scorers McCauley 3 ,Pope 2 , Pengelly , Evans ,Stone . This was a brilliant team performance from the G tonight everyone one of them played there hearts out they where so good i dont want to disrespect St Dennis but they where poor and a few weeks ago i saw them play St Austell and they where very goo losing 1-0 but i thought they had turned the corner but obviously not . The G had  3 new signings playing and teh brilliant Ed Timmons who was simply outstanding i never thought the G would get a player of his calibre to wear a G shirt the G defence was so good him and LUKE Hunter where just awesome ,but lets judge them in the next 2 games vs Bodmin then Falmouth but lets not take anything away from tonights performance marvellous . Onto my MOM could be anyone but im going for Fran PENGELLY , a be ballig St Dennis defender did a fair but hard tackle that took the wind out of young PENGELLY he then got up and crashed into the advertising hoardings but he carried on and scored a great goal after putting St Dennis goalie Ryan Holland on his ass rounding him and putting the ball into the empty net ,but the goal of the match got to go to the captain Pope who beat half the St DENNIS team on a mazy run and slotted the ball past the poor goalie i think the G captain must of thought he was John Barnes . The ref was excellent played the advantage  really well and had a fine game . Well done the G ,play like you did tonight and you will give Bodmin a good game on Saturday ,could be a bit different vs Falmouth next week should be a good crowd at Godolphin Way when the brilliant F Troop turn up going to be a great night they are great entertainment .Well done G it took a bloody long time for that 1st win to come but you done it in style and you beat Newquays 7-0 win they had over St Dennis ,Hope St Dennis do sort out there problems and wish them well 

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