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  1. What happened with Marko? Was he deemed not good enough?
  2. I was there pre season and it was in a bad way. Rusty old stand, smashed windows around the changing rooms with broken glass scattered around. Goal mouths were 99% mud and several divots and dead patches around the pitch. If they’ve improved that since my visit in August then fair play to them! My opinion may be outdated in that case.
  3. Having seen the state of the Callington pitch in recent months, I think it’s about time your username was changed Mr Blatchford.
  4. Agree, to clarify though, I meant a better club in terms of conduct and a better group of players to learn from rather than a bigger club in terms of league position
  5. In the interests of actually having a discussion based on the topic title rather than just slagging off Truro… The young lad Edmonson at Sticker Res has the potential to step up in the future, Finn at Callington in the SWPL is a superb prospect and should already be at a better club than Callington. Launceston Res also have a young lad Shae Cardiff who looks to have a bright future too
  6. Always a right to appeal any sendings off, however, without video evidence it is the clubs words against the referee. The referee will almost always be backed, understandably so as they have gone through training, exams and observations to ensure their competence.
  7. He’s a VERY good young prospect. Heard from his dad pre season that Saltash and a few other Western League sides were interested too.
  8. Excellent post. Mr Hunnisett is a very good and well respected referee. He does however have a very unique personality that he brings to games. His enthusiasm and clear love of the game is obvious and, although doesn’t allow him to keep a low profile, generally has a positive influence in the game and players around him. You won’t find many better or more experienced officials in the county.
  9. Camelford 2 Cheddar 1 Elmore 0 Helston 5 Launceston 1 Newton Abbot Spurs 3 Saltash 5 Bodmin 1 St Blazey 2 Dobwalls 4 Torpoint 10 Stoke Gabriel 0 Wadebridge 2 Newquay 2 Wendron 2 Bishop Sutton 1 Falmouth 5 Callington 1 Penryn 6 St Dennis 0 Sticker 1 Penzance 3
  10. *formerly worked for the Cornwall FA Fact checking and all 🤣
  11. Haven’t you picked your toys up yet? You criticised a referee and some people disagreed with you. No chastising, no witch hunt, just a difference of opinions that you clearly couldn’t cope with. Now you’re the one clinging onto that when everyone else has moved on. You might be one of the nicest guys in Cornish football but you’re not the most mature it would seem.
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