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Thanks Darren and Way of , I thought that I was only only person in the country who thought that most modern football commentators  are awful . As I've bored people  on this forum with many times I watch a lot of other sport  and agree that some others commentators leave football commentators way behind . The Tour man on 4 , the Sky cricket commentators , hockey , boxing ,  speedway , British touring cars , F1 , etc. etc.  way more informative about their sport . I know nobody else on here watches British Superbike on Eurosport but Jamie Witham has to rank as one of the most informative . Tremendous knowledge , explains  the complexities of the bikes so that most people understand them and makes an effort to mention humorous  insights into the riders and their lives with his Yorkshire wit  .

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Always good to refer back to the eight rules of commentary that were established by the great Richie Benaud.

Three that seem especially relevant to our present crop are;

No teams are called 'us" or "we".

The Titanic was a tragedy, the Ethiopian famine was a disaster. What happens in a sporting event is neither.

Understand the value of a silence or pause.

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