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Anyone know the answer

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The Falmouth Town v Aston Villa programme is the one I edited and helped to produce.

I managed to get one autographed by the players on the day and had one sent back from Villa with the missing Republic of Ireland players who were on World Cup duty plus manager Ron Atkinson who was doing World Cup commentary.

Thanks for the memory CTB.

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Guest Sport Lover

Talking about old programmes etc etc I can provide a photo restoration service for any old football photos, forum members or clubs have and have seen better days.

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Guest Dermot

Sorry CTB for outbidding you i love any footy nick nacks like that,just curious as to why someone would sell their medal for £11 ? surely it must be worth more to them than the price of a few pints eh!

Next time i am in your vicinity ie Penzance home or away i will bring it along so if you could make yourself known please do,didnt know who you were at the Holmans game last weekend,and your write up was pretty accurate too. ;0) :c:

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I was one of the 3 frozen Pz supporters huddled up by the scorebox chatting to Mr Caddy in the 2nd half.

Did the medal have anything written on it? Just me and all the other curious posters would like to know.

This is what's in the program for the Pz v Perranporth game tomorrow


Even though the score was worse than against Porthleven we played much better. Individually we are just as good as most players in the league but we are missing that little bit of luck to kick start our season properly. Missed penalties in vital games, unlucky bounces of the ball, we’ve seen them all this season, but we can’t fault the team for trying.

We went to Holman’s expecting a hard game as their tails were up as they beat their local rivals and last seasons League Champions Illogan in their game. Plus they had only lost once in their previous 9 league games whilst Penzance had only won 1 of their last 14 games.

The weather wasn’t the greatest with a cold wind blowing across the ground and the pitch, even though covered in grass was like a sponge and when you stepped on it pools of water formed. Mind you no excuses as it was the same for both teams.

The game was only a minute old when the Magpies were a goal down. A kick out from our goalie hits the back of one of our players and rebounds into the net. Luck against us again.

Holman’s 2nd goal comes on 14mins when a strong run and cross from their right results in a header into our goal.

We keep trying to break but keep losing the ball in midfield plus we were playing a bit too deep inviting Holman onto us.

We held out until the 24th minute when Holman work the ball down the middle of the park to volley. Mark Grenfell clears off the line only to see the ball rebound to a Holman player who volleys in from short range.

Great to see at this time no one was backing out of the fierce tackling. A couple from Holman were 2 footed and in the air. In the Premiership you’d be sent off for them. One leaves Alfie Turner with a nasty graze on his knee which forces him off just after half-time.

The 1st half isn’t over yet as Holman break down their left but Damien runs out and puts their forward off his shot.

The last 10mins of the half see us get more into the game and have a couple of good chances, one saved and one just wide. 3-0 at half-time.

The 2nd half sees Holman flying off the blocks pushing us hard but we hold firm until the 61min. Then we see 3 goals in 4mins.

61mins 4-0 One on one with our keeper as they break through off-side. Flicked shot round keeper.

62mins 5-0. Same again as above, finished with a low shot.

65mins 5-1. Jimmy Liddicoat breaks through the middle, beating a couple of defenders to put a low shot past the advancing Paul Williams in the Holman goal.

Then a Holman player goes into Jimmy with a nasty tackle and Jack, Jimmy’s brother comes in and has a go at the player. He gets a booking for his sins, but like we say bloods thicker than water.

A volley is spectacularly saved by Damien who tips it over the bar. Then on 80mins Holman break and a lobbed shot goes into our net to make it 6-1. Holman break again in the 86min and a hard volley makes it 7-1.

But the scoring isn’t over. On 88 mins Jimmy playing up-front for the injured Alfie instead of his usual position on the left gets the ball on the half-way line, beats about 3 players and puts a great lob over the keeper to make the final score 7-2.

There was a crowd of 21 supporters not including officials of which 4 were supporting Pz. Talking to the Holman Chairman during the match he wished their team had supporters like us instead of fair weather supporters his team have. We told him we were mad but that’s what supporting Pz does to you.

One thing have we found a new forward in Jimmy. The way he shrugged off those tackles was good. Not the fastest but strong. Well done Jimmy our man of the match!

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Guest Dermot

Not received it yet CTB,of course i will let you know whats on it.

Thought the lad who came on as sub had a good game and to be fair to Penzance they never gave up and on their day will be a match for a lot of teams in the Combo,good luck to your team for the rest of the season i am sure they will turn it around,good bunch of lads with a good positive attitude. .0) :c:

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Guest Dermot

The medal has arrived CTB,nothing engraved on the back,6 cm across,no box with it though.

Not sure what it was for but its a heavy old thing,Birmingham post code. ;0) :c:

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