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Your money being well spent?

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29 minutes ago, cornishteddyboy said:

Looks like Cornwall Council is going to use our money to kickstart the Stadium For Cornwall Project. What now for Truro City.


Absolute corruption and indicative of the Mafia Council we have. Already a nightmare getting around and God help anyone needing to get to Treliske in a hurry.

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Was always going to be built using public money, councils just love white elephants.

They are also very good at hiding the losses incurred....and there will be some big figures involved....but we will never see the true ones.

Just a smoke screen for housing - always was.....and the business men walk away without spending a penny ...lol

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3 hours ago, somersetspur said:

As the thread subject states,money being well spent on a sporting focal point for the county.

Of course,you are bound to get a few that moan.

Thats life I suppose.

Bring it on.

If the truth was told I daresay the majority would be against the whole scheme. 

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