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Plymouth Argyle confirm that Ian Holloway has tendered his resignation as manager of the club. The club has convened a board meeting for Friday this week where this will be considered. In the meantime Ian continues to be employed by the club and subject to the terms and conditions of his employment. No further comment will be made pending the board meeting this Friday.

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‘Plymouth Argyle confirm that Ian Holloway has tendered his resignation as manager of the club. The club has convened a board meeting for Friday this week where this will be considered. In the meantime Ian continues to be employed by the club and subject to the terms and conditions of his employment. No further comment will be made pending the board meeting this Friday’.

What price loyalty – or is that the way of the world theses days. Sturrock accepts £1 million a year to join Southampton. Williamson gets the push because he wasn’t any good. Pullis comes in and supposedly ‘saves’ the club from relegation, but when he leaves for Stoke he keeps everyone, club, players and fans up in the air before dropping Argyle right in it at the beginning of the season . Holloway arrives with green blood flowing through his veins after a long period of gardening leave, moves into a new house a few weeks ago and then attempts to join the former Portsmouth owner who had sold up his shares and walks in to Leicester. He then goes through a couple of managers and does a whinge about loyalty because Megson walks out.

So where are we?. Is this loyalty and to whom. We often criticise players for jumping ship when in contract but why is it that a working manager under a contract can go whenever he feels like it to the highest bidder. Should they not be allowed to move at their choice until the players are allowed to.

Its amazing how the Leicester chairman tells everyone who wants to know that Holloway is his target. The local press pick up on the national press reports that Holloway will leave Argyle. The chairman hasn’t approached Argyle. Not me guv nothing to do with me just press speculation. So Holloway tenders his resignation because Argyle won’t let him talk to Leicester and why should they. I thought Argyles press statement was superb. It is basically saying ‘Holloway is ours, he is under contract, we don’t want him to go so we’ll have a little chat at our Friday board meeting to discuss the matter. And this could take weeks.

But hang on. Weren’t we warned about this through Holloways QPR experience. You know the one where he was sent on gardening leave because they wouldn’t let him talk to Leicester.

Leicester wanted him in place by Saturday so let them whistle. I’m sure if they want him that much they will wait a couple of months for him. I somehow don’t think so.

We then look at it from the club side. We know they have very little money so Holloway knew this when he joined, or was he just biding his time and couldn’t keep his mouth shut saying he was green through and through.

Did Argyle refuse him more money because of lack of ambition. Its all very well saying we are balancing the books but we wont take that chance to give it a push for promotion. Lets be honest if Argyle were in with a chance of going for the premier league then you go for it. Unfortunately there is a massive brain drain of talent out of the South West every year, why? It is pretty obvious – we live in our own little world we don’t want strangers coming in with money it is our nice and lovely little club.

If Argyle won promotion and came straight down, would it matter. We would have the stadium completed, full houses every week, the clubs restaurants and bars packed almost every night of the week and if we came down, we pick up a nice parachute payment of £30 million or so for two years, enough to make another push the following season with better quality players.

How thick are we to allow this to happen. Quite frankly you take your ass in your hands and you go for it.

Somewhere in amongst what I have written is some sort of reason why we keep losing managers, we stay in profit and we go nowhere. I remember Stapleton saying not so long ago ‘we are where we should be’ and the press didn’t even pick it up. It may be alright for you Mr Stapelton but I think its not alright for the Argyle fans from Plymouth and Devon and Cornwall.

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Well said:). Its a shame, but everybody follows money these days. What happened to ambition, heart, passion..even commitment!

Sorry folks but it is all about the money now days, Not just players and managers but as a whole most people on this planet and that’s a shame. :(

Let’s face it would you really get Rodney Marsh in a jungle with a very annoying American lady for absolutely nothing, I doubt it very much, They must be on good money and it is like everything else in the world we live in today. :(

Loyalty to football clubs means very little to people now I’m afraid and that’s not just the high profile teams and players. :(

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Guest postman pat

i agree with everyone else about Holloway and loyalty but lets also remember the good things.hopefully we can keep people like PEJIC who can only take the club forward.lets remember we have one of the best coaches in the country in him.with no money we need to build our youth setup so at least HOLLOWAY has set the wheels in motion there.we also have some impressive youngsters so all is not doom and gloom.we must make the right choice as his replacement because lets face it he will go and ARGYLE cannot afford to leave him on gardening leave and keep paying his wage so lets get some compo from LEICESTER and move on.what about MARTIN ALLEN as his replacement.ambition and talent. :c: :drink:

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Guest Man on the Post

So who do you suggest should be the mext manager? I don't want Sturrock, going back never works! I would try for Paul Lambert at Wycombe Wanderers. He played at the highest level in Scotland and Germany, has a Champions League winners medal and reached the Uefa Cup Final. He's 38 and done very well at Wycombe in the lest two seasons with very little money to spend. Martin O'Neill has achieved great things after starting at Wycombe and I think Paul Lambert will do the same. :thumbsup:

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As a Leicester City fan i never liked Holloway in the past,that is until he took over at Argyle,he has worked wonders there,good coach and a good motivator.

I cant blame him for leaving to move on,he gets stick from certain sections of the fans at home games and lets face it the crowds and finances have been pretty poor for a club that are pushing for promotion to the Premier League.

If he does go to manage Leicester i wouldnt be suprised if he tried to take a couple of the more talented players with him,IE. Gosling,Norris,Gallagher,we are below Argyle at present,but Holloway is an ambitious guy and he can see a better future with Leicester City,he will get some stick but at the end of the day he wants to better himself. ;0)

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Friday morning Argyles board meets,

Has a chat about the resignation letter.

Turns it down.

Sends letter to Holloway telling him to report as normal on Monday morning according to his contract of employment.

Holloway not happy insists on going

Holloway put on gardening leave

Leicester say we cant wait

Leicester appoint new manager

Argyle sack Holloway for breach of contract.

Now where did I here that before. Oh yes when Holloway was at QPR and wanted to join Leicester and was put on gardening leave for three or four months now what sort of coincidence is that

Holloway should now be called HOLLOWORD

Most people were stunned today. Tomorrow it will turn to downright anger and hate and the pillock has just bought a house in Plymouth.

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Guest Peppermint

According to the Sky Sports News Holloway is in Leicester for talks so the Board Meeting at Argyle is obviously a waste of time. I understand that Holloway's book signing session is being cancelled.

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I think you will find that Argyles board meeting is definititely not going to be a waste of time. Argyle hold his registration and he must abide by the contract. If Holloword says just one word to Leicester without Argyles permission then he is in breach of his contract. Argyle hold all the aces and they will decide when they want to realease him from his contract. In the meantime how long will Leicester wait. A week, a month or will they cough up £1/2m for his release. And quite frankly good riddance.

People have very long memories down here. They understood when Sturrock left for £1m a year and a premier division club that was a career move. Put it this way Sturrcok can walk through Plymouth and be recognised and thanked for what he did for the club. Holloword will not only receive a very frosty response but what about what his family must be going through. And we critisise players for lack of loyalty. Why should they be if you have managers like Hollowrd do what he has just done. He would have got a great deal of respect if he came out and said Argyle are going nowhere because the club won't give me the money etc and I must go. Unfortunately he hasn't and will become a despised man. What a shame and what a waste.

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Why do managers spend months of work getting a team to play the way they want them to,and in argyles case quite succesfully and then just walk away to start all over again?

hollaway was getting somewhere with argyle yet he will walk away so all the hard work goes to waste.

At least with argyle he had a certain amount of security,I will be suprised if he lasts a year under mandric the man changes managers more often than his undies.

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Guest danny-efc-pafc

i think its wrong what holloway has done, i used to go up every weekend and watch plymouth play, the fans worshiped them, and he would always talk about how much he loved his beloved green army, and how much he loved it down in the westcountry, but then again money rules the way in football again i think

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Check out the Leicester City web site. It says they are going to announce their new manager tonight (Thursday) 7pm

Although BBC TV seem to think it will be tomorrow. Very interesting indeed. Have Argyle as they are prone to do given Holloword a get out clause in his contract.

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Guest Peppermint

So how can he be the new Manager of Leicester City if the Argyle Board are meeting tomorrow to discuss his resignation letter! Obviously things went on behind the scenes and both clubs were economical with the truth.

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Taken from todays Leicester Mercury

Mandaric closes in on Holloway

by Bill Anderson

Leicester City's move for Ian Holloway as their new manager is still on, even though Plymouth are trying to throw a spanner in the works.

Holloway yesterday handed in his resignation in writing to the Argyle board.

That was on the supposition, fuelled by speculation, that City might be watching developments with interest.

But the Home Park board say they will not discuss the matter until a meeting tomorrow, meaning Holloway would, technically, still be under contract until they accept his resignation.

That would show the Argyle fans that the club are trying to hang on to him.

But, as City found with previous boss Gary Megson, once a manager decides he wants to leave, he is already gone.

So the only barrier to the move being completed is the question of compensation, which should be thrashed out later today.

That leaves the near certainty of Holloway still being named as City's new boss by this evening once personal terms have been agreed.

As both sides confirmed that there had been no official approach for the 44-year-old, the only way Holloway could make himself available was to resign.

City chairman Milan Mandaric, set to start talks with Holloway today, said: “He is the sort of man I want, he could be the right man for the job and, the fact that he has resigned from Plymouth, means that I am free to approach him.

“And, if we reach agreement, I will start to put together not only a package for the new manager, but also for compensation for Plymouth.

(“I think his actions in resigning shows to me he has honour and integrity by leaving in the right way.)

I thought I'd seperate this funny bit

“And I believe the fans will be able to see the sort of strong character we could be getting, if he has made this move in the hope of possibly becoming our new manager. It shows he is ambitious and looks on us as a big club and the job as a big challenge.

“We still have a lot of work to do on this but I am very optimistic it can all be sorted out very soon.

“It has been very hard work looking for a new manager and I have to admit it has been a difficult time. But I think now we are nearly there.”

Holloway's arrival would cut it fine for Saturday's trip to his home town to face Bristol City, and the caretaker team of Frank Burrows and Gerry Taggart may remain in place.

It is also not clear yet what staff Holloway might want to bring with him from Home Park.

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So it was the fans that drove him away

Very rushed notes from the Press Conference on BBC Radio Leicester.

Milan Manderic

"It's been a hard an exhausting time"

"It's been like moving a mountain"

"I find him (Holloway) very enthusiastic and refreshing"

"He's honest and has a proper sense of humour"

"Forget about Gary Megson, we need to be positive"

Re. the compensation package;

"The deal was done professionally, chairman to chairman, he was very reasonable"


"Words fail me"

"I feel Im in the right place to get to where I want to go"

"I'm delighted to be Leicester City Manager"

"It's been the biggest decision of my life"

"I had to take this opportunity, just to meet this man (MM)"

"It's nice and flattering that the team I built got some recognition"

IH then mentions the player contract situation and the diminishing attendances.

IH also mentions the strong relationship between him and Paul Stapleton.

"Paul Stapleton has improved his club for 6 years year on year, and is a marvellous person"

"I resigned not knowing I had this job"

"Everything I asked (Argyle) for they tried to do"

"I'm looking at a Premiership training ground, and a man determined to take the club forward"

"Let the dust settle, and let me assess the squad"

IH compliments Leicester performance in the 0 - 0 draw at HP this season

Cites DJ Campbell as a good player and is "looking forward to putting his arm around him"

"I'm excited, and want people to call me Ollie, because I'm above noone"

Re. England;

"McLaren was undermined when he got the job"

"Why give a man who was 2nd or 3rd choice, the job"

MM jokes he will fine him for saying that.

"my nose is not this long by lying, I was born this way"

"we are gona take baby steps, and add to this place"

Re. the Plymouth fans;

"They are going to feel hurt"

"I did the best job I could for plymouth"

"the chairman knows how I've been feeling the last few months"

"Our gates were going smaller and smaller, it worried everybody at the club (Argyle)"

"some of the fans shocked me by some of the things they said a few weeks ago"

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Guest danny-efc-pafc

I feel rather annoyed as only last Wednesday (14th) he firmly stated and i quote "There's not a scrap of truth in any of it and it doesn't stop me getting on with my job to the best of my ability," so to go from not being intrested to all of a sudden stating that his heart was not in the job goes to show that all he is after is money, Plymouth maybe a smaller club than others around but the youth and fans alike are making the club well known, I just hope that Ian Holloway is now regretting his desision, afterall the club took him out of his nightmare at QPR to be repaid like this

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Guest postman pat

quote "i want the players and fan to remain loyal" by ian holloword :angry::angry2: some loyalty no wonder our game is in the state it is today

as well as sturrock did for ARGYLE it would be a step backwards could he take us forward. he did not suceed at southampton or sheff wed two clubs with a lot more resourses than ARGYLE we need to complete hollowords dream just to show him the mistake he has made by going back on his word :P:P :P

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Guest tom@white tigers

Unhappy to see Holloway leave as he was a perfect manager. He was very good at getting the best out of his players and helped the team bond. Ian is also a very funny guy and has entertained many with his pre and post match interviews. He has had his troubles (deaf daughters) in life but always puts on a smile and seems like a very genuine good guy. I think if Plymouth's board were willing to give him a bit more money he could have improved the side greatly and made it his own. However it seems some players are unhappy with the board as well and want out themselves. I've heard David Norris & Paul Connelly have had enough. Many of the clubs players could have moved on at one point or another along the line but have stayed put. Now i fear if Plymouth don't reach the playoffs this season the better quality players will leave the side as the players are beggining to get noticed. I think Ian will be very succesfull at Leicster as they are a very ambitious club with high expectations. And good luck to you Ian Holloway.

On the other hand it is good to see old Paul Sturrock back at Home Park. A good gaffer who has done well at most of his clubs. Left to join Southampton in the Premiership which is fair enough. It didn't work out for him there but since then he has done well at Sheffield Wednesday and especially Swindon where he has won 50% of his games.

Welcome back Paul and i'm sure the squad you've inherited will please you. They are a bunch of high quality players who i'm sure come the end of the season will be in the top 10 pushing for a play off place.

Good luck Plymouth Argyle.

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Sturrock left to join Southampton because they were a Premier League club and yes for £1m a year. He saves them from going down but internal coaches ganged up on him to Rupert who stupidly listened to them and cost him his job. Funny that. Southampton then got relegated.

He took Sheffield Wednesday to promotion on peanuts because they were broke, he then joins Swindon who are even more than broke and he gets promotion for them.

Funny how he can take Argyle to two promotions along with Sheffield Wednesday and Swindon Town and saves Southampton from relegation What a shocking record and all in five years. Forget the rumours about the players they will be more than happy if they gain promotion.

I cant for the life of me think why Argyle would want him back can you?

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I didn't say he would be bad for Argyle -

I just find it hypocritical that everyone gives Holloway such a slating for following what he sees as a career path BUT they all welcome back Sturrock with open arms "all hail the conquering hero" yet he did exactly the same thing as Holloway just a few years ago.

Short memories..!!

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I hope that with the January transfer window fast approaching that Holloway will try a 'raid' on some of Argyle's players.

I think that Sturrock will do well to fend off such 'raids' and as someone above quite rightly said, Plymouth do have to spend more than they are if they want to succeed.

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