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Combo Cup s-f result - 26th March 2017

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I know Hayle are gutted , but they put up a good fight against one of the combo leagues best teams ,  the main difference was the striker , three chances two goals , Hayle just don't have that quality up front , nor do a lot of combo teams , you have to take your chances and Ludgvan did today , that was the only real difference ,  Hayle were a credit to themselves and the club , disappointing to lose a semi  but they weren't disgraced or outclassed , Good luck to Ludgvan and S t.Ives in the final should be a good game  , hopefully Hayle might get the final you never know ?  Well done to Patch and Andy Tasker for getting them this  far  there is plenty to build on the foundations are there .  Well done to all the squad .

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