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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

Hayle v NEWQUAY AFC is 2.15pm at Jurassic Park or whatever it is called, something to do with it getting dark at 5pm I'm told.

I though ALL SWPL matches were to kick off at 2.45pm regardless of the time of year ! I now have to get an earlier train and drink more DAMN :drink::drink::drink: !!!

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I agree ECPL

Will give teams more time to phone in scores to Dave Deacon. The combo teams seem to ignore him. Other leagues seem to be on time so why not ours. Also gives him time to sort out a program where he talks to managers from further down the pyramid. The ECPL, Combo, Duchy, Mining, etc never get a shout even though there are hundreds of supporters following matches each week.

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Thank you for mentioning getting me your results. It is very noticeable this season that I am receiving less and less texts from people with the details.

The main advantage with the SWPL is that I have the results in before five o'clock. Not always necesserily them contacting us, but by me knowing I can contact someone official within the league who has the results at hand. It is concerning that it is in fact the other two Senior leagues that I have very little messages from - in fact results from people at games in the Jollys Cornwall Combination AND the East Cornwall Leagues are practically non-existent nowadays. I can only assume this means people don't want to know them.

The more results text to me on 07759 502408, the more that will be read out. We have had two of the Junior Leagues either contacting the station or myself to discuss what can be done to get their results broadcast. Others haven't!

With regard to talking to people, again, I have to remind you that on average I probably only have about 25 minutes and like all levels of sport, it will be higher up the ladder that gets the more exposure. And of course the knock-on effect of not knowing the result in the first place is that I haven't a clue what's happened anyway!

I can't talk to people about something I don't know about! Once again I repeat, initially make sure I know the result of the game you have been at, and, if something happens at your game you consider I might want to know about - contact me on 07759 502408. But don't leave it until 5.25pm! I need to know as soon as possible.

My number is 07759 502408

Thank you :D

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