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St Blazey 1v2 Saltash

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Saltash gained revenge for their home defeat to St Blazey just a few weeks ago. St Blazey played well in the first half and took the lead through Bradshaw. 3 or 4 lovely passes, left Body to switch the ball to the left and Bradshaw unmarked fired home to make it 1-0. Body had a good chance when put through to make it 2 but the keeper made a good save.

The 2nd half was some what a joke. God only nos why. I think thats our worst 45 minutes of the season (possibly worse than Shepton away)!!! Ok so we didnt let in 4 goals but what happened. We couldnt win a 50-50 tackle, couldnt win a header, passes were woeful......need I say more. Saltash were on top all 2nd half. They didnt seem to have the quality either to take advantage which made for a shocking 45 minutes of football to watch. St Blazey players just had no control of themselves at times. Wed get the ball back, and throw it, kick it, hoof it to Mike Body who had no chance to get hold of it. Certainly missed Nancarrow today. Then Parsons comes on and goes up front!! Im sure looking back at it Philpy will be thinking why didnt he put Whetters up front and Parsons at the back. Whetters has played up front a few times this season and done well. Anyway, it all ended up with Saltash scoring 2 in the final minutes. The second I may add, came from a free kick, that was taken 5 yards from where the fowl was committed!! How many times do you see play brought back for that.

As you may be able to tell.....im ****** off!! :angry:

BUT.......its over now and im looking forward to fridays trip to Penzance. I see Penzance didnt have a great crowd today. But hopefully a good crowd will be there( flags and all) on friday from St Blazey. Im sure the Penzance faithfull will enjoy a friday night visit from St Blazey. I read in our program today a piece with a moan about this being played on a friday night. I have to disagree with this. Personally, I have tickets to see Argyle on the saturday so if it had been saturday I couldnt have gone. That would have meant the 3 im bringing wouldnt have gone either. Plus theres another car load of 3 who can and will be going on friday but couldnt if it had been played on the saturday. So thats 7 fans coming who will be coming now!! Normally a good atmosphere under the lights so come on Blazey fans....make the effort!!

As for todays crowd, I counted 113. Very poor indeed!! This match should been put forward to friday or early saturday...maybe be even late saturday for a change. Alot of money lost on the gate, food, programs etc.

Another point......last one I promise....

Its the 13th of Ocober and weve already played both Falmouth and Saltash home and away!! Some teams we havnt played and dont do so for months!! Hows that come about? Any answers out there?

Roll on Friday............... :thumbsup:

Can anyone also comfirm that we play Saltash away the tuesday after in the charity cup?

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Paul-Thought I would get the night time out of the way before commenting.

Unofficially the gate at Falmouth was 72 -it could be the lowest ever at Bickland for a League game.(Dam that live England game didn't the FA have any consideration for Non League) or perhaps a bit of foresight on the clubs could have staggered the kick off Friday night/Saturday noon.

Looking at the stats this was Launceston's 5th. league victory at Bickland in their last 6 visits.or (7 wins from the last 8 League and Cup visits)

Even I could have worn "Spiders" shirt in the first half as he was completely redundant with Launceston holding a comfortable 1-0 lead.

When the score became 2-0 early in the second half Falmouth did at last react with a higher committed tempo but Launceston were happy to take it on the chin with the back four and Hider contaning the situation.

Paul again -I know the shellshocked feeling of equalising and then winning goals in the last few minutes Ha Ha.

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

Paul, be careful you don't knock Philpys side too much, he dosn't like it ! Gave me a rollocking after saying Newquay were 'poor' after a 4-2 defeat at Penryn last season - still waiting for that DVD by the way buddy.

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Sorry Judge!! So little time. I will get it sorted. As for being carefull for saying we were poor.....balls to that!!! Ive come on here and said how well its gone this season. To be fair this season is going much better than id ever hoped. Just thought it was a really poor second half on saturday. And to think it came from no where really as we were playing well enough before half time. Anyway, Fridays coming now!! Hopefully youll be back Nanks, youve been playing very well lately. Keep it going.

Mike, the only difference between us winning at Falmouth and Saltash beating us was that Saltash deserved it and we threw it away. At Falmouth we didnt play that bad but nor did Falmouth so it was a complete shock to see us turn it round. It wasnt such a surprize that Saltash grabed the 3 points.

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Guest Peppermint

I attended the game at St Blazey to report for the Radio and have to agree with Paul's assessment of the match. Incidentally it was nice to meet Paul at Blaise Park.

I think The Judge is being a little unfair about Philpy because I spoke to him and Phil Lafferty after the game and they agreed it was a poor second half performance that let Saltash snatch all three points. Phil was good enough to come on the Radio and be interviewed after the game and was completely honest and came over very well and was a credit to the Club.

Finally I would like to thank everyone at St Blazey for the hospitality including the gentleman who invited me for half time refreshments. Thanks also to Simon Tonkin, Dave Philp and Phil Lafferty for their help. I am sure St Blazey are doing things the right way and with a bit of luck and a fully fit squad they will start climbing the League table.

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