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St Blazey 1 St Austell 4

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Decent game today on a pitch that bordered on unplayable early on. Players struggling to stand up let alone control the ball. St Austell two up but a bit harsh on St Blazey. St Blazey then pulled one back and we're back in it until a ridiculous pass across the box when it just needed a good old hoof. 2 passes later we concede a penalty. Killed the game. Second half not alot happened. St Austell added a late 4th. Better performance from Tuesday I thought against a team that's expensive with the quality they have and should win everything going locally. And they will. St Blazey were in their postion several years ago and look at the unbeaten run and titles they won.  That's what it's all about. St Blazey are not in a postion to throw money at it and we have to except that. Beating St Austell years ago was no real achievement because they were rubbish. I'm sure St Austell look at today as a routine win against a mid table side. That's all it is. Lots for St Blazey to do on and off the pitch to even think about winning titles again. 

This afternoon a good point for Argyle against top of the table Burton. Time wasting and rolling around from the minute they scored. Can't stand watching sides do it. Fantastic to see Argyle nic a point. You'd think they'd poorer boiling water on ants they way they suddenly got moving. For Argyle there's still a good chance of the play offs and a trip to Wembley. Pompey away on easter Monday. COYG

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Grosey stop digging at Blazey, just because you couldn't get in their 2nd team!! 

Wow,where do u get ur info from,I was offered £20. A game to play there this season but had to turn it down as promised prynner  I'd play for him 

Not only that Andrew rundle is my secret lover so I was guaranteed a starting spot,even b4 his own boys

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