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MR DEACON - Dave, I have taken the liberty of posting this solely because of the interest your website generates and the interest football supporters everywhere enjoy. I assure you I have not posted if for any personal gain or on the request of anyone, I post this so people can share a common interest, if this is not acceptable please remove from the Cornwall Football Forum. Thank You, Ivor




As some will know, I have decided to attend Wycombe Wanderers games, rather than those involving Truro City, on entering the Adams Park ground hundreds or maybe thousands of football badges are on sale, on Saturday browsing I noticed St Trudy and St Blazey, a new one for Fowey United, they also produce badges for individual games so I imagine when clubs have history making games a special badge could be available (let's say AFC St Austell v Ascot United) every Wycombe game has a special badge produced, this week the duel club badges were Wycombe v Plymouth and Wycombe v Newport Co. I met the gentleman who owns this business and his non league interest is fascinating, I knew people are nuts about collecting things but was surprised at those purchasing badges and by the age range of those keen to add to their collections. 


There is an A to Z of clubs and the badges available on the above website. I don't know but there may be an opportunity for clubs to come to some arrangement to raise funds from sales.

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In view of recent events I am expanding my footy interests, this week I have renewed my England away membership to go along side the one I already had for home games, I hope to follow England home and away so next year I see them become European champions 50 years after I was at Wembley seeing them become World Champions, now that would be a great way to celebrate 80 years. On those Euro expeditions it is possible I will bump into the TISA boys who have been venturing abroad for a number of years, if they see an old lone traveller I hope they say hello.


Away Wycombe games are next on my itinerary, that would be easier than following Truro City, all I need do is drive to the club get on a coach and enjoy travel much cheaper than travelling alone around the non league grounds.


I have been thinking about your Cornish Soccer and possibly an annual subscription if you do that kind of thing, in the meantime would I need to order monthly or can you let me know if I can make one payment until the end of the season and how much.


As for a copy of your Cornish Soccer I could pass my copy onto the badges guy.


Another plan is forming, Wycombe were top of the league but on a small squad look tired, the play offs look more likely so if missing out on automatic promotion I am booking a hotel in the Canary Islands for the two weeks the play off semi finals are played, I know where I can watch them out there and return in time for the final at Wembley if that is our destiny.


Easter is non league groundhoppers week end and they are doing 8 games, 4 in one day I don't know about the remaining 4, I shall have to look at that weekend before deciding what to do.


It's good to be busy, busy, busy.

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Ivor at the moment I'm only doing three month subscriptions - keeping it short in case the venture doesn't have enough interest.

That 3 month period is at the moment offered on a discounted basis at present. You can save 12.5% and get 3 print issues delivered to your door for only £6.88

All you have to do is:-
email me davedeacs@hotmail.com with payment being made by either Paypal, OR straight into my bank account CORNISH SOCCER, bank details Sort Code 30-96-56, account number : 00700568 - OR you can pay by cheque - send it to Dave Deacon, CORNISH SOCCER, 49 Killigrew Gardens, Trispen, TRURO, TR4 9BT

All details confirmed on following link : http://www.cornishsoccer.info/page10.html

Even an article featuring Cody Cooke for you Ivor in February's!


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Dave, Thank you and when I have read February's Cornish Soccer I will pass it on to the badge man.


Strangely I read his profile, he played for clubs I played against, I shall have to ask him when because we had big battles, one game they needed to beat us to win the league, we won and I needed an army of escorts to get out of the village, not the team just me.  one guy with a long prison record for GBH screamed he was going to find out where I lived and kill me, two days later I was at work and a lorry pulled up, the driver asked me some directions and we spoke for about 5 minutes, he thanked me, I asked him if he enjoyed the game that weekend, there was a long moan about this Ivor geezer and away he went, it was the same man, he didn't recognise me, sweat off. 


That incident was near to me packing up playing at the age of 48 years, then the badge man may have been one of their younger players, 31 years ago, I'll have to ask he may remember the team who upon arrival were invited to join them after the game for champagne to celebrate winning the league, realising they were taking a win against us for granted we played our hearts out, rubbing it in our lot insisted they opened the champagne, they were not happy still trying to get through the cordon of protectors around me.


I think it is those one off days that makes our involvement worthwhile.

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Myself and a few other Newquay fans will be in France for €uro2016, perhaps closer to the time, all those connected with Cornish clubs (local interests set aside) could arrange to meet up at various airports/ ferry/ rail / campsites / bars / venues - safety in numbers, especially in some of the more Southern Cities.


As for badges, Terrys Badges are great for the run of the mill issues at £3-5, but he does price his 'Gold' badges about 40% more than the market rate. I have used PWPins for the most recent Newquay AFC badges, they offer free design, no matter how many times you tweak things, a minimum of 100 badges, but the cost is less than £1.15 a badge inc P&P, sell on for £3.50, tidy profit and great quality too.

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I met Terry who runs the sight at Wimbledon a couple years ago. He is a Wimbledon fan. He was selling all his badges at Wycombe two weeks ago. Managed to get a Newton Abbott Spurs and Illogan badge. I have had a few badges off his site before. Always first class and in the post in no time.

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