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what's happening to refs in West Cornwall.

Some appear to Have packed up and others not reffing many games.

I know the fishman Andy has retired as its been on this forum, but there's no mention of others packing up.

On the Combo Fulltime site Luke Wilkes, Jon Barnicoat, Paul Butler, Neil Rudkin, Liam Mankee all with very few fixtures.

Did hear Paul Windle had moved away, top ref in my opinion and will proberly be badly missed.

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Pointers, unfortunately there are not plenty of ref`s, each year the numbers decrease, it is a difficult job and one that creates lots of animosity hence the abuse that is constantly thrown in their direction, I do not think it`s the sole cause but certainly a contributing factor.

Each year the numbers decrease...yet the teams keep being accepted into the leagues!? How many mobile phones do you have? Like most people probably 1, there is not much point in having 2/3/4 of them if you can only use one at a time, so why have say x30 referees but 85 teams....surely someone at some point needs to make the decision that they stop accepting new teams until the balance of referees to clubs levels out?!

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