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Newquay vs Exmouth

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Just back from watching my 1st game of the season at mt wise and i thought Newquay deserved a draw against Exmouth and nearly got it with the last kick of the match a overhead kick coming back off the crossbar . I think Newquay are about 3 players short of a good very good team it was good to see a team that just gave there all and werent money mad like another certain team here in Cornwall .Exmouth had most of the match and deservedly went in front from profilic scorer Ace High i think . The man of the match for each side im going for Newquays Ollie Dart and for Exmouth no 8 Jordan cHannock i think was his name . Newquay goalie injured and had to go off after colliding with Ace High and had to be replaced . I can see better things happening at mt wise before long but 3 new signings are needed a centre half central midfield and a decent goalscorer . Hare luck THE PEPPERMINTS

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I have looked on every website to try and find out the team list for Exmouth town against Newquay i ask because i take lots of photos in my hobby and like to have the team lists i have Newquays out of todays newquays voice but couldnt get Exmouths any one help much appreciated thanks

Here you are 100%cornish...

Exmouth Town: Jordan Holland, Jamie Moore, Barry McConnell, Dan Clay, Cameron Vere, Kevin Hill, Mark Saunders, Jordan Hopkins, Ace High, James Ansell, James Sharkey

Subs: Richard Pears (12), Dan Boere (14), Karl Rickard (15)

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