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  1. Hi Dave, CCFA offer opportunity for clubs to refuse floodlights replays, I believe, and this in their showpiece cup competition. Keep up the good work, I always appreciate the opportunity to read and occasionally comment, without being too personal, on this site
  2. This a worry WOTP, not helped by antiquated CCFA rules
  3. Spot on Tractor Boy! Couldnt agree more Home Waters. A team could be denied promotion, or relegated purely based upon what strength Argyle side they played against especially this season when things are so tight at the top. Youve also got to watch certain clubs postponing Saturday games and trying to get them played midweek when they might be able to field a stronger side. All part of the fun, and I'm sure that the administrators know what is going on!
  4. Hi 100% the no 9 for Cully was Jordan Harris
  5. I would expect Argyle to complete their fixtures as they have pushed ahead with them. Only one side has beaten them in the League @ Newton Abbot and I expect that they would be totally fed up if any away side was given 3 points if Argyle couldn't raise a side. it's all conjecture and let's hope it doesn't happen
  6. Makes one wonder what the lesser Cornish FA Cup rules\laws are. Perhaps opponents sit around in carpet slippers, share a cup of tea and toss a coin rather than play under lights! What a set of Mickey Mouse rules/laws for a top county cup! There are enough Step 6 and above clubs in the county to have a higher standard top county cup.
  7. shots

    FA Vase 3rd Rd Draw

    C H played far better on Saturday than anything I've seen in SWPL this season. Snozzle will do well to survive up there
  8. Be interesting to see Falmouths league position when they've caught up with their away fixtures. They will have the choice next season of hardly venturing out of Cornwall at all, unless they apply for Step 5 football
  9. Mufftown will miss their league matches in Cornwall next season
  10. I f a draw at 90 mins in the Vase there is no choice but to play extra time even though this might seem unfair in the away team. If scores still level at 120 mins the sides have agreed before ko whether to go to penalties, or a replay. Here ender the lesson for my Cornish friends