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  1. I do believe that the position is vacant, and that Dane & Matt would do a good job @ TCFC. They both have considerable experience in West Country football and the way that they have settled and organised things @ Saltash is just what TCFC need. Yours in Sport
  2. Well done Phil, not bad for an oldie! From someone whose even older. Yours in Sport
  3. Apparently loadsa money available for players at some Step 6 clubs in Cornwall. All for £2k for Premier Division winners. I hope those who qualify for promotion take it, as the days of the blockers are numbered. Should be an exciting season coming up, enjoy it. Yours in Sport.
  4. Hi Cornish Rhino What makes you say that? Not disagreeing, just asking. Yours in Sport Shots
  5. Unfortunate that Barnstaple are reprieved and Parkway denied. Yours in Sport.
  6. I agree Rob. Under the present system promotion and relegation issues are vague. Unfair to all clubs involved. Yours In Sport.
  7. Many of the posts I read on this forum seem to assume that Parkway are not being promoted. Can’t runners-up be promoted on a PPG basis this season? Yours in Sport
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