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  1. And if they finish high enough they will have to take promotion!
  2. I understand that when a club finishes in a promotion position and does not take it, the FA could relegate that club 2 steps 😳
  3. I’ve heard that 4 or 5 players, they’ll fit in 1 car, will be transferred to Bitton from Plymouth area, including those you mentioned. Apparently plenty of money @ Bitton & Bridgwater this coming season. Maybe Bristol clubs will pay anything not to travel to Cornwall 🤔
  4. Town are ticking over & looking forward to 20/21 season. Plenty of ground improvements since last season closed, new pathways, fences, turnstiles, irrigation system, players & officials entrance.More disabled parking spaces/ preferential seats etc. Seems like more teams throwing more money at promotion. Maybe Bristol area clubs trying to get away from Devon/Cornwall trips. Might make the Division more open! Let’s hope we can complete a season. Yours in Sport😁👍⚽️
  5. Maybe some sides are spending mega bucks to get into Southern League and avoid the travelling to Devon & Cornwall 😊👍
  6. Players have doomers . Refs have doomers. Trouble is, when the Ref has a doomer, it can cost the player, and he has no right of appeal😐👎
  7. Maybe a 61 is awarded because the writing of a report is considered a waste of time?
  8. Hi Rappo Shouldnt be any doubters at all if their rumoured budget is anything to go by. They put a lot into the game, they deserve some return 😊👍⚽️
  9. Do the refs have the balls to do this? They’re good @ doing easy things😐
  10. So sorry for your personal loss Cornish. We’ve only met once @ the G and I’ve always admired you attitude and input to this website.
  11. That’s what you get for your licence fee!
  12. Hi Darin, you wouldn’t like steak & chips & a bottle of wine as well😁👍⚽️ FA Cups have rules that say everyone except agreed complimentaries should pay. Have a good season.
  13. Would players & officials want to risk their health when social distancing is impossible during the game, and in the changing rooms ?
  14. Hi Leeds, I do enjoy reading all the articles on this forum. Football is all about opinions. You might be fishing for info, but if so I have taken the bait. Several clubs would only have been too pleased to put out a squad for 15x40=£600 recently in SWPL. Football @ this level will be a different “animal “ when it re-starts and very few clubs will be able to throw good money after average players. Keep well everyone. Yours in Sport.
  15. How many are good enough to play in a top Step 5 team all the time, and how many will want to travel?
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