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  1. No disrespect intended to anyone, but Carter is a one man wrecking machine to play against. Parkway are only half the team without him imo Yours in Sport Shots
  2. Still due to facilities, Steve, even worse if they are not yet completed. You seem entirely to miss the point that playing standards are not necessarily relevant. Yours in Sport ⚽️😊
  3. You’re gonna get high scores in SWPL this season due to sides being promoted due to facilities, not necessarily results. The FA wanted pyramid re-structured and travelling reduced.
  4. Terrible finishing by both sides. You can’t beat shooting practice, so that you hit the target with more than pass-back strength.
  5. Newquay, a proper town football club, with a proper ground! Why don’t all you locals support them more and make match day not just a game, but a social occasion? Step 7 side Exmouth Town Reserves are popping down tomorrow for a recently arranged friendly. Yours in Sport
  6. The Western League newcomers start with a home game v Bridport tomorrow
  7. Unfortunate that Barnstaple are reprieved and Parkway denied. Yours in Sport.
  8. I agree Rob. Under the present system promotion and relegation issues are vague. Unfair to all clubs involved. Yours In Sport.
  9. Many of the posts I read on this forum seem to assume that Parkway are not being promoted. Can’t runners-up be promoted on a PPG basis this season? Yours in Sport
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