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  1. Players have doomers . Refs have doomers. Trouble is, when the Ref has a doomer, it can cost the player, and he has no right of appeal😐👎
  2. Maybe a 61 is awarded because the writing of a report is considered a waste of time?
  3. Hi Rappo Shouldnt be any doubters at all if their rumoured budget is anything to go by. They put a lot into the game, they deserve some return 😊👍⚽️
  4. Do the refs have the balls to do this? They’re good @ doing easy things😐
  5. So sorry for your personal loss Cornish. We’ve only met once @ the G and I’ve always admired you attitude and input to this website.
  6. That’s what you get for your licence fee!
  7. Hi Darin, you wouldn’t like steak & chips & a bottle of wine as well😁👍⚽️ FA Cups have rules that say everyone except agreed complimentaries should pay. Have a good season.
  8. Couldn’t agree more, Bald One, I saw Exmouth win 1-0 up there early season, very tough.
  9. No disrespect intended to anyone, but Carter is a one man wrecking machine to play against. Parkway are only half the team without him imo Yours in Sport Shots
  10. The Western League newcomers start with a home game v Bridport tomorrow
  11. Unfortunate that Barnstaple are reprieved and Parkway denied. Yours in Sport.
  12. I agree Rob. Under the present system promotion and relegation issues are vague. Unfair to all clubs involved. Yours In Sport.
  13. Many of the posts I read on this forum seem to assume that Parkway are not being promoted. Can’t runners-up be promoted on a PPG basis this season? Yours in Sport
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