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If San Marino was a club side....

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Its a shame that San Marino didn't take this opportunity to play football. I think they have played 58 euro qualifiers, and lost every one . I don't think England played that great, even though putting the ball away 5 times, Germany put 13 past the same team !! Yes I know they are part timers, but to have the chance to play at Wembley, I cant see the point of just playing 11 players behind the ball, happy to let England have the ball, intent to keep the score low. I do believe, there would be many of our non league teams, who would have relished the chance to play on that "turf" and at least "have a go",!!,, just my opinion ,!!,,,,

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Baines takes almost all the free kicks from the right side because he has a strong left footed goal ratio.

For the last two years I have been to Wembley for every ENGLAND game except the two recent ones, located near the halfway line and seated in the first couple of rows I like others seated near me get the true tempo of the games, you feel a real part of the action, the words 'World Class' are bandied around too easily, what I will say is being close to the action you get to see the work Rooney does off the ball away from the TV cameras, few of the games players deserve the World Class label but Wayne Rooney has EARNED the recognition of being ENGLAND'S No.1.

Rooney takes most corner kicks from the left side and Baines from the right because they are best suited for that job, whoever gets selected to succeed Roy Hodgson when the time comes would be successful if displaying the same energy Wayne displays on the field of play. For me it is more Rooney everytime he's earned it.

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