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At present I print off an 8 page programme for PZ Reserves for free. 100 copies per home match.

I got pi**ed off with our Reserves having nothing so decided to do it off my own bat. Supporters would moan that they knew nothing about the Reserves so I decided to have a go. It is independent of the club and the views expressed are mine and other supporters, and we try to tell it like it is. If we play rubbish we write that. No adverts at present.

I refill my cartridges using Tesco ink, paper I've got stacks of and print it off at home. Bit of colour in it but it is good enough for a Combo fixture.

This season it's free and if it is popular and I carry on next season and make it 12 pages. I am then going to charge 10p each to cover my costs with profits going to the club, unless I can get a couple of sponsors then it will still be free.

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I used R Booth in mabe to print the porthleven`s programme for this season, thats just the cover and the inside pages are done on a photocopier.

They done and excellent price on the covers.

Cornishteddyboy: What printer have you got? I`ve got an epson photo model and i`ve got a continous ink system fitted to it, will save you tons of money even more than what you pay at tescos!

All you do when you are getting low is pour in more ink into the ink bottle which is sat next to your printer, i`ve got near enough a pint of ink sat next to the printer!!

Can you correct this? You print 100 copies of the programme for the PZ Reserve side per home match? so your saying you print 400 pages, front and back????

How long does it take you to print that??

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I use a Cannon IP 3300 printer. Don't know if you can get continuous ink system for it. Have looked on ebay before now but most seem to be for Epsoms.

Also have 2 photocopiers. One belongs to a friend and is a desktop copier but I don't use it.

The other is a big massive thing that is in a friends house. I let him use it for his firm so keeps it topped up with those cartridges that do 10,000 copies,etc. Too big to use for me. Sorts out copies into separate booklets, etc. No good for small runs but big ones,say 1,000 copies at a time. Got 3 old Lexmark printers in the attic plus an epsom all in one which I couldn't get on with.

I use Microsoft Publisher to design the programs. Had Word 2007 (super dooper version-top of the range) but didn't like it as it did not have Front Page (which I use for website) so took it out of computer and put in Office XP. Got Microsoft Works 8.5 but never use it. Use Microsofoft Vista (genuine copy) as well.

The ftp uploader I use to upload finished pages onto the website is Filezilla. Some say basic but I've used it for years and I stick to what I know (hence the reson I dumped this new Office 2007)

Print off the programme at "fast" speed and each side takes about half an hour, so each programme takes say 2 1/2hrs to print. Daughter folds them for me.

I give 15 each to both teams and the rest (70) handed out at entrance to ground.

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Jeez! Thats alot of programmes!!!!

I admire your work for doing all those but wouldn`t it be better to do some fewer like 50 and charge a little bit for them, people wont complain to pay 20p, 30p, 50p for a decent programme.

I would still seriously recommend getting a continous ink system if your willing to go back to a Epson, you can pick up a 2nd hand epson for £50 on ebay, and the ink is very very cheap.

As for your other programmes: Publisher is a sweet program to use, also got Filezilla which is good for uploading but now changed over to Ipswitch pro.

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