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Trelawny Premier Game- Monday 8th April

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Final score

St Buryan 13-1 Penzance

CTB why cant PZ reserves attract a better group of players? (No disrespect to those playing now).

Nice ground, clubhouse, floodlights, big catchment area. I always received a good welcome there from the likes of Mr Mead , Jimmy Dann, and matey with the glasses who did a good job running the line etc.

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Well here goes as promised:

You wouldn't think by the scoreline that Penzance didn't have any chances but for the first 5mins St Buryan were all too sorts at the back and Penzance nipped in a couple of times but couldn't put the ball away. After that it wasn't quite one way traffic but the Magpies were put under slight pressure at times.

1-0 8mins Corner on left, over for a free header.

2-0 20mins Diagonal ball to left corner, over, squirts through a couple of players for a simple 8yd back post tap-in.

3-0 24mins #route one ball, shot parried by keeper, rebound is knocked in from 12yds

4-0 29mins Corner on their left. Over, out, in, out, in, out, shaking it all about before a low shot at the back post

5-0 31mins Total collapse at the back as St Buryan run riot down left, cross, for a deflection that goes up and over the keeper. St Buryan reckon the forward got a touch and it is being claimed so who am I to argue

6-0 39mins Curling low cross, yes a cross that turns in at the back post. Keeper wrong foot by this fluke or inspired 35 yarder.

7-0 41mins Corner on the right knocked over for a well taken powerful 6yd downward header that bounces in. Good goal that would be scored against most defences


The Penzance fight-back begins and we score then concede but are a bit stronger this half. In fact we are on top for the first 2mins and score in the 47th

7-1 47mins Penzance win ball in mid-field, running forward we round the keeper to knock the ball in from 10yds

8-1 49mins Normal service is resumed when a through ball bounces up for let the striker lob the advancing keeper

9-1 56mins A long ball is deflected up and past the keeper for the striker to nip in to lob man on line

10-1 76mins Handball on the line. Ball bounces down and up into defender. Ref gives a penalty. Scored high to keeper's righ11-11-1 82mins A good goal. A long dropping volley beats everyone from 30yds out.

12-1 86mins Down the left, ball over to back of box for a turn and volley from 12yds in at back post.

13-1 88mins Another own goal. Down the right, low fast diagonal ball flicks off the defender and goes in off the back post

Corners: St Buryan 10-2 Penzance

Fouls conceded: St Buryan 12-1 Penzance.

Attendance - 28 (9 from Pz)

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