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Better things to do on a saturday afternoon?

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Don't understand the question, why would any sane person not go to football on a Saturday ?

Newquay SWPL are away Friday night, so I and many others will be supporting Newquay AFC 3rds on Saturday afternoon, it's what we do !

it does become a bit like that, every week supporting your club once you can't play, must admit its getting harder, with the standard drop, and some of the moaning that goes on, players seem very fit, but some of the footy ain't great, but we still follow
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Playing golf Darren! Thought you would be home changing nappies or do you do that on the practice tee and at the19th hole? :thumbsup:

I do both of those as well mate, multi tasking I call it!! I manage to get my one game of golf in at weekends! this weekend at Perran, lovely, hope the wind dies down. 19th hole, is frequented for an hour or so after the 3 and a half hours of networking beforehand!!!

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