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Massey's Mutterings - May 18th 2011

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I would like to thank steve for his mutterings this week, i can now say to my misses everytime i go into the bookies to put some money on the footy, that im investing the money not gambling with it!!!!

A simple thank you would of been suficiant for winning the league and making Mr William Hill or whoever pay up. :clapper::clapper:

All the best at Bovey, they're good people out there.

Im sure the "investment" will be spent wisely

Did you also hear about the racehorse trainer who after winning the derby with his regular jockey tried his luck with a newer jockey unfortunalty the newer jockey didnt really know how to ride said horse, and was dropped from the ride, thus enabling a younger jockey to come in and ride the horse superbly and win the big race. ;);) ;)

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This week's Mutterings are on show and so check out why he's mentioning the Partridge Family! Of course some of you will be far too young to recognise the name anyway!!! biggrin.gif

Cally dominating the charity cup final? Seemed pretty even to me,Cally just about deserved it in extra time.Tink you may have been watching through Cally coloured glasses Steve

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Hi Hoppit,

Thanks for your valued comments, and who was it who once said: "Football - it's all about opinions"?

Well in this instance those were my views but; If you thought otherwise, I fully understand and have

much respect for your opinion, on just how well your team played and how close they ran Callington.

Many thanks for reading the Mutterings its very much appreciated and welcome your comments.

Enjoy the close season and very best wishes for your new and exciting campaign in the Premiership next season.



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Good mutterings this time Mass

Thanks for the stuff you said about Callington

I thought we played well and had a good turn out from supporters, including our Mayor.

(won't mention the abandoned game eh?)

I also agree about England footballers. To my mind they shouldn't be paid (expenses only) for the privilege of playing for the national side. That would ensure that only those who really wanted to would do so.

Looking forward to next season

Phil H

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