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It wasnt Steve Mclarens fault that he was offered a contract with so much money involved. By giving him that there was no guarantee of sucess at all. Because it didnt come, why should he give up? Take the money and enjoy it. Maybe in the future the contracts handed out by the F.A should reflect that in order to receive such big payouts depends on qualifying and winning the world cup etc. Im sure hes not to bothered what people think, hes got plenty of money.

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Hi Paul,

You make an excellent point about it not being Steve's fault he was given that type of contract and money. That's absolutely spot on, same with the out cry about player's earning £100,000's a week, it's not their fault, it's the people, chairmen who sanction the contract.

BUT, where I have a problem is your comment sums up for me what is wrong with our life styles today and society in general, that being Greed, Total greed.

Everyone is out to get as much as possible from whatever source.

Peoples Principals and Morals do not seem to matter anymore, maybe I was brought up in a different era, but I'm sorry for me, the manager when signing on that contract has a responsibility in trying to bring success to that team, and for that he is paid a large sum of money.

His failure to bring that success meant he should have fallen back on his own principals and his own pride should have told him to exit gracefully, done the right thing and resign.

Paul in know way I'm saying you personally fall into this bracket!, my point being that greed in society today has unfortunately tarnished peoples thoughts and outlook that its somehow acceptable to get huge pay off's for being a failure, Just think Banker's Bonus, its exactly the same thing!!

Good luck in your replay today, should be a excellent game and many thanks for taking time to post and stimulating debate.

Kind Regards

Steve Massey

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