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Duchy games off

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Guest gunniplayer

gunnislake v's st dominick OFF

We even changed the venue to stoke clismland, and yet again the weather destroys my saturday. We havent played a match since mid october

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St Austell vs P6 off - St Austell gaffer not keen on a change of venue to our place. Tad disappointing is understatement of the year.

I think that is a bit harsh saying the gaffer was not keen on playing at your place, apart from it hammering down and gale force winds which would create a crap game of football for two of the best passing teams in the Duchy League, 3 of our key players do not finish work until 2.00pm so getting to Newquay for 2.30 kick off causes a problem!!!

I am sure you would prefer the game was played in better conditions so both teams can play to their abilities and make and good game out of it!!!

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Coops I love you boys to bits but that was the exact message relayed to me by your secretary. The pitch as ever was fine, I watched some of godolphin be laneeath and the conditions and weather were ideal and I even offered a later k.o. With the option of floodlights to fit around your guys but was told that your gaffs didn't think that your boys would 'be in the right frame of mind' hence the disappointment.

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