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  1. The Duchy should regionalise the 3 divisions next season. A Duchy West, Duchy North & Duchy South East for example. That way if the season starts late it’ll still be able to finish as evening games will be much easier to fixture. Plus if players can’t shower or use shared changing rooms etc due to new restrictions you won’t have to drive over an hour home. Then the following season you could have the top 4/5 going from each league going into the new Premier Division , the mid table teams in Duchy 1 & the bottom 4/5 going into Duchy 2. Just a suggestion I think could work.
  2. Unfortunately if there were no eligibility rules some clubs would then load up with higher ranked players in order to win a game for their lower ranked team. Say for example a team with a senior side had a must win midweek game to avoid relegation or gain promotion at the end of the season & their first team didn’t have a game they’d throw in 4-5 players to ensure they got the result they needed. Even with the current ruling playing 2 first teamers can make a big difference. If eligibility rules were scrapped altogether it would then be fairer if it was “one signature, one club” to stop sides loading up with players from other clubs when they don’t have a game. I’m sure some of you will disagree with me but that’s my personal viewpoints.
  3. With regards referees. Why don’t they have 1 junior league (Duchy & Trelawny) on a rotation system that has no fixtures that weekend (So every 10 weeks), then a few players from every club gets qualified & referee games in the other divisions on their rest weekends. I would happily do this although bringing the cost of the course down would be helpful as this might put off some people?
  4. That’s what I meant when I said you could play if you’ve signed on by a certain date but haven’t played for a higher ranking team. I think most people are aware of the rules, if in doubt you think they’d check with the league in advance which I always did if unsure of a player’s eligibility for cup games.
  5. Depends when he signed on, as the rule also used to be that if you’d signed on before a certain date you were also eligible providing you’d not played for another team in that time. Correct me if I’m wrong though.
  6. Well done to Callington, they were a quality side. Grampound were at bare bones, with a make shift bare 11 & were down to 9 fit players by the 20 minute mark due to injuries. It was 2-0 at the break but Callington scored early in the 2nd half & added to their total throughout before eventually getting the all important 7th goal with 10 minutes remaining & getting an 8th late on. It could have been a bigger margin of victory had it not been for some superb defensive blocks & a string of fine saves from Grampound stalwart Tony Ford in goal. I thought that Lee Beer played well in midfield for them always finding space & Fergus Nevin was influential throughout, scoring twice & getting a few assists from his superb delivery. He doesn’t appear to be on their team sheet though so they must have made a mistake when entering their team as they’ve also credited his goals to someone else.
  7. How did they get voted into the league then? I thought you had to have showers these days.
  8. Unfortunately it's the junior sides that suffer when senior sides abuse referees, they always get a referee so it doesn't matter if they drive officials away from the game. I wasn't there but it seems to me that the referee just applied the laws of the game. Well done to him for standing up to the players. A referee can't win sometimes, for example Mane's sending off on Saturday, people can't agree now if the referee was correct (I personally think Mane was unlucky but it was a red card). I don't think abusing a referee on a public forum is the correct way to deal with people's frustrations either.
  9. Has been made this evening, check out: http://www.cornwallfa.com/cups/2017-2018/cornwall-junior-cup/fixtures#1st-round Veryan vs Gerrans & St Mawes United looks one of the ties of the round, certainly from the Eastern section
  10. Just on the off chance that anyone doesn't have a fixture on Saturday 18th February & wants a game I'm looking for a friendly for Grampound Reserves (Duchy 3) on that date. It would have to be away as our first team have a league game at home next Saturday. Any takers then send me a PM or contact me on 07968577392 Many thanks, Alastair Woodman Grampound FC
  11. Duchy 3 St Merryn 2 Grampound Reserves 0 The first half was pretty tight although BJ Walkham saved a first minute penalty from the St Merryn captain. Grampound also missed a penalty of their own on 30 minutes when Pete Thomas's effort crashed against the bar. Grampound failed to keep any sort of possession in the 2nd half & although the team battled hard throughout the constant pressure eventually told & St Merryn scored a couple of goals in the last 25 minutes although the 2nd might have been disallowed on another day for a foul on the keeper. I must add that the food after the game was superb, there enough to feed the whole of Grampound Village let alone a football team.
  12. Sorry, but only one regular first team player in the squad tonight and he played as sweeper Seems unlikely! I believe that 8 of the team that started last night started the reserve team cup final last week, 1 starter from last week was on the bench with an unused sub from last week starting instead. Myself & Kev Toms who's been the top scorer this season were unavailable due to working in Exeter so 2 others played in our places both of which have played reserves on several occasions this season.
  13. My off the ball movement created several chances & goals for others, it's all about the team for me!
  14. I fancy St Austell as strong favourites; but it's a cup final and it's football so you never know.
  15. Bude Town first team do but not the reserve team; which is their Junior Cup side. I also thought that you were only allowed to play a maximum of 4 players that had been reinstated in the current or previous season; surely St Austell have at least 3 or 4 in their squad that have been reinstated without Tinsley or Carne to be added to that number.
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