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Wadebridge Town v St. Blazey - Game ON!!

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To sum up Dans poor effort for explaining the evenings events.

Zallick missed a sitter.

Wadebridge 1v0 up.

Wadebridge score a screamer. 2v0


Blazey miss 2nd pen. Keeper saves this one.

Another really good chance put wide for St Blazey.


Freekick.....curled in right hand side.


A screamer from 20 yards just like Wadebridge had scored. 2v2.

Jay Isbell leaps up and beats keeper to the cross to head home and send the away fans mental.


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That famous sunny afternoon was mentioned tonight when we were 2v0 down at half time. The difference tonight was that we looked like we could do it. That match at Falmouth was drifting to a easy 2v0 home win for Falmouth. Then in the last 3 minutes we scored 2 and then stuck a third in in the last minute of injury time. I believe we missed a pen that day to. I believe we were a little noisy that afternoon.......in the end!!! :lol:

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Guest Peppermint

Very entertaining match and it was a pity that Wadebridge seem to sit back in the second half and allow St Blazey to dominate the game.

The match had some great goals and two missed penalties - albeit the second one was well saved by the young keeper in the home goal.

The home side's second goal was not only a brilliant strike from distance but it was a well worked move from the half way line. Chris Reski, especially in the second period, was superb.

We did enjoy the chant from the St Blazey faithful behind the goal - when they were still two down the chant was 'we are going to win 3-2' - how is that for confidence in their team.

Perhaps, being highly critical the keeper could have saved Reski's first goal but that is probably unfair because he pulled off two or three great saves.

Final note after an enjoyable match - I thought the referee was excellent and talked to the players and kept the game flowing. I know when the visitors were two down - there was a shout from the grandstand area that he had his holidays in Wadebridge - hopefully that was not the view of the majority of spectators [obviously a frustrated St Blazey supporter] because I thought it was one of the best displays by an official I have witnessed this season.

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