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I was going to head this thread was/is Fergie right. I now fully understand where he is coming from.

We all have a biase towards clubs we support but this is much more serious/ Referees and Linesman (I will always call them that until they learn their job properly) need help and guidance. After all they are paid to control matches at all levels.

The sign of a good referee is that he gets the important decisions RIGHT.

Chelsea v Manchester United

How on earth Evans was not either yellow or red carded when he thrust his studs into Drogba’s chest is utterly bizarre because the referee cautioned Drogba for diving. I suggest a classic case of a referee taking a players reputation into a count and not giving what he sees.

And this is the general problem, Referees see things that nobody else does and miss the obvious.

Fletcher made a great challenge to win the ball from Cole but then gives Chelsea a free kick. He then indicates to Giggs it was for pushing down with two hands. Excuse me but what on earth was he looking at. He could have tried to get away with it by saying there was intent. Again he is directly behind the play and yet still gives a foul even though Fletchers only intent was to win the ball which he did.

The Chelsea goal was another bizarre situation. A case of the referee and his assistant failing to carry out the basic function of keeping their concentration at all times The free kick comes over and Terry is able to head the ball goal wards because I think it was Drogba who takes out Brown by pulling him to the ground allowing Terry a free header. But as Fergie said, what on earth was the referee doing. He stood stock still behind a Chelsea player so giving him no chance at all to see any incidents. But surely as I was always told you must place yourself in a position to see everything you possibly can. If a player obstructs your view then YOU move, don’t expect the player to.

And what about Terry bringing down the United winger. He had been beaten for pace and was falling over but he made damn sure he was going to impede the winger. Penalty - when you look at the laws of the game yes of course it was but there was no way he was going to give it in front of the Chelsea fans.

Liverpool v Birmingham City.

What on earth made the referee award Liverpool the penalty. The guy could not possibly see what happened even though he was directly behind the incident. And this gives you the clue. He GUESSED that it was a foul and with the Liverpool fans baying he gave the penalty. WHY !!! I was always taught – don’t give what you don’t see and whatever you do DON’T GUESS. Again what on earth was his linesman looking at.

Barnsley v Sheffield United

Two penalty kicks were awarded – one correct the other not. The one that was correct was the second one which was very simple when there was push and a trip. Easy decision.

But again how on earth he gave the first penalty is anyones guess. The goalkeeper made a great save so what was the penalty for? It could not be for the collision between the two other players because first the shot had been saved and secondly they were both at fault for genuinely going for the loose ball and colliding and all in front of the baying Sheffield fans. .

I could go on but because there was another blatant foul, this time on a Barnsley player So what can be done to help the referees make the important decisions right. It happens far too often and players, managers and fans alike are quite rightly bemused and angry.

Everyone makes mistakes as we like referees are only human and will make them It is also clear that the average fan is absolutely thick when it comes to football because all he sees is his own team through rose coloured spectacles.

So how can officials be taught how to do their jobs better One of things we just do not see is a referee coming out after a match to explain his decisions. Players and managers do and within minutes of the end of the match, so why not referees. What gives them the god given right to be above the game. All they do is hide behind the FA. They MUST be told to give reasons about contentious issues. If they have a genuine reason then tell us, likewise on reflection why cant they put their hands up in the air and say ‘I got that one wrong’ especially when they are able to see the replay of the incident. He isn’t going to be right every time but at least have the guts to say so. He will get more respect that way.

It also brings into doubt just what these officials are taught when they attend seminars What I have found over the years is that referees once the dust has settled will come up with the obscure reason for getting a decision wrong.

Officials NEED HELP. How can this be achieved? Because without them we don’t have a game.

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Very good thread.

(But Fergies always right)lol

All the papers,Sky etc,Had to say was Sir Alex looks like he's escaped being punished for his outburst.

What about the ref??????? He should be put on report,I totally agree we are all human but it just seems they don't have to answer to there mistakes so there for there never wrong...What does the 4th official actually do??...What do the lino's do?,they don't even get the offsides right let alone 'ASSIST' the ref.

Refs do need help because at the moment its a joke. :SM_carton:

Wheres the uproar that proceeded Eduardo's dive against Celtic for N'gog? Never a penalty in million years,his actions were a disgrace.

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I can see why when looking at first view why Martin Attkinson could have give the free kick against Fletcher but I cannot excuse the fact he was in the wrong position to see the foul by Drogba.

As you say referees make mistakes its just that generally the refereeing team may make less mistakes than the two other teams but the mistakes they do make effect the game more.

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I said at the time when Ngog went down that it was never a penalty, he was looking for it, but it was a stupid challenge by Carsley in the first place, if it happened on the half way line, it would have been a free kick, but cos it was in the penalty area, the offence is more harshly punished, it never looked like a penalty so how the ref gave it I don't know!

Darren Bent against Spurs, he went looking for that, so was that the same? he just fell into the keeper, Rooney against Arsenal earlier in the year, he knocked the ball miles away, knowing that the keeper was going to make the challenge!

What I'm saying is that the strikers know the challenge is coming, so they wait and then go down, therefore giving the ref a decision to make!

Why the hell did the ref book Ngog though? it was Carsley doing all the chasing on him!!

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Fergie isnt right! He signed Valencia, wrong! He signed Nani, wrong! He signed Anderson, wrong! The twins, wrong(though a bit early to say maybe. Fletcher is now the 2nd most influential player we have....WRONG, how the hell did that happen!?

If we can hang in there until xmas then signed some "influential" players we may stand a chance of the league but as it is I fear for United.

As for the decisions at Chelsea game, personally I can see why he gave the free kick, though I do not believe he should have, some you get some you dont. The penalty decision, should have been but again some you get some you dont.Then takes up poor position and misses the pull but would probably not have given it anyway as all players seem to get away with these challenges except on the keeper. The offside, blatantly interfering! Dangles his leg out causing VDS to pause before his dive incase a connection was made by Drogba. Evans, I think the ref thought Drogba clattered him as that what it looked like to me, in real time without replay. Who honestly saw the studs up 1st time round? But with a replay yes Evans should have walked, but hey who else though of peotic justice as it was Drogba. Loved Vidic laughing at it all not to mention Drogbas twitching legs like he was having a fit.

As for Ngog, its seriously about time the powers that be, or supposed to be, did something about the cheats. Divers and those that exaggerate the slightest touch! Hand out big bans and Im pretty sure it would stop pretty sharpish!

On a plus note though I hear Liverpool are lining up John and Edward to replace Rambling Beneating, cant do any worse :P

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A great thread (not sure about the title), but although it has been mentioned, I think cause of most of the problems are the players themselves. Call it cheating, or "pulling the wool over someone's eyes" and so on, but when players go down when they get touched like they've been shot, it is for one reason only, to get an advantage (free kick, penalty, other player booked etc).

I always look at rugby by comparison. I know it's a much more physical game, and the guys are physically bigger and stronger, but some of the hits you see, with some guys still staying on their feet with 3 other guys trying to pull them down.......and then there's football. Look at Drogba "twitching" after he'd been challenged by Fletcher. What was he doing? That was embarrassing, it really was. He was trying to make out he was seriously hurt, for whatever reason.....well done referee to show him a yellow. Not necessarily for diving, but for acting.

Players constantly try to trick referees, and being human, the poor old ref sometimes makes a mistake. They do need help, you're right, but the difficulty is, how do we give it to them.

Just on the subject of feigning injury, I say as I have said before, if a player needs treatment on the pitch, he should HAVE to leave the pitch for 5 to 10 minutes after (and each time it happens). This would hopefully stop the playing around pretending to be hurt when you're not as managers would get fed up with players constantly having to leave the pitch.....and if they really are injured, it is perhaps time they need!

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