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You can download the data here http://www.fmscout.com/i-690-Super-Bladesm...tem-Update.html

The players aren't there but you can edit them. Only take a minute or 2 to edit each player!!

Download the data and follow the instructions to upload it to FM. The Cornwall Senior Cup, FA Vase etc should all be included as well!! All the team colours and locations are correct as well!! It's awesome!!

Yes you CAN manage them!!

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Is there anywhere I can get full squad lists for the SWP teams.

I'm one of those sad Football Manager guys who would quite happily sit and edit the game for ages (and end up having no time playing it)

I'm using WinRar mate. Just search on google for a download of it. Shouldn't have told you that, you'll attend even less lectures now mate. :clapper:

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