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Is it just Penzance?

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For the last few games I have noticed that at Penzance's home games we seem to be getting a lot more teenagers through the turnstiles, mostly lads aged 14-16 years old but there are one or two girls amongst them.

Are we alone or are other clubs noticing the same thing and perhaps at last the kids are getting fed up sitting in front of their monitors playing fake footy games and want to see the real thing.

It might be the fact that Penzance are in the SWPL Premier now but they are coming to home combo games as well so I don't think it is poeople "glory hunting".

All clubs have to encourage these youngsters as they are the next generation of supporters, possible players, administrators, etc.

Any comments anyone?

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The number of youngsters at Truro has certainly increased over the last few years, but you could argue we're a different case. Before the Heaney Revolution you hardly saw any youngsters at Treyew. In fact at 40 I qualified as a youngster!

Trouble is and this may be proof that I'm entering the Victor Meldrew stage of my life but it does get on my nerves when a group of youngsters stand near me and then spend the game prattling on in teen speak. Give them their own area I say.

But more seriously it is good to see younger blood coming to the games and the clubs should encourage them with initiatives like free admission - something we stopped doing at Truro.

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