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Hi Tommy,

Very best of luck Saturday, tough one, tough trip but makes the winning and the journey back even sweeter!

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow, I'm in London for weekend and will make trip across on the train to watch and give support to the guy's.

Are you staying over? if so could you please text me name etc and also is it Baldock FC in Leitchworth where game is to be played at K.O. 12 .30?

Once again look forward to seeing you have safe and stress free journey!

Kindest Regards

Steve Massey

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Hello Steve,

Good to see you there yesterday, sorry I wasn't able to give you the reply that you required but by that time I was about to leave work for the bus. Hope you enjoyed the game and thanks for making the effort to come and see us.

The game was played in a good spirit and all the new lads who came in did really well.

We were a bit tentative to begin with but soon got into our stride and took the lead through Richard Rundle after a sweeping move across the field involving umpteen passes.

We began well by scoring soon into the second half, again through Rundle and he may have made it three but for his glancing header just going the wrong side of the post.

Herts came at us after that and to be fair we made a bit of a dog's dinner for their goal and they really pushed us hard for the last quarter of the game which included eight and a half minutes of stoppage time.

Maybe we were guilty of overplaying at times and some nieve play, but I'm not going to complain about any team of mine wanting to play the game the right way.

Some of our play was fabulous and a real joy to witness and all the players were again a credit to their county. Really pleased with the result and a big thanks to Pete Foxwell and Sam Boston for their help and advice during the weekend.

Next game away to either London or Northamptonshire who play today.

Thanks again for all your good wishes.


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