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Please see below the link to the Falmouth & Helston league website for all 3 divisions which is updated by Steve Carpenter & Gerald Sobey on the league management commitee

Lots of info on there with all the scores and results from the 3 divisions and an updated league table which should avoid any confusion particulary at the business end of the season.

Alan wallace the ref appointments secretary has access to update the ref allotments so lots of handy information i'm sure you will agree


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I would like to thank the person on the merger committee who took the time to listen to my recommendations and suggested the FA Full Time system to the leagues.

It’s great to see the league finally having its own website. Having used the system during my time playing in London once it is up and running it can become very useful tool. With managers having the ability to do the teamsheets online, update goal scorers etc.

No longer will I have to waste my time buying the Sunday Independent to type up the fixtures and updating the unofficial tables.

Just have patience the league will sort out any discrepancies in due course I’m sure.

:clapper::clapper: :clapper:

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Shame the Mining League doesn't adopt the same website!

Once this merger takes place the information for a new website would then be readily available and would not involve too much work to produce.

I thought last night was surperb with the results being available straight after the games. Well done FHFL!!!

I think the plan is to use this season as a tester then possibly adopt the system for the merger if it is seen as efficent.

If you have internet access on your phone ie iPhone, Blackberry etc goto www.TheFA.com/FULL-TIME/WAP search Falmouth Helston League and you can get all your match results when they are updated whilst on the move.

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