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Hasta la Barca !


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  1. 1. Which team do you want to winj the European Cup ?

    • Man Ure
    • Barcelona

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What proportion of English fans would rather see Purple Nose lose than a team playing lovely football like Barca ? Vote in the poll !

God you are a real sad guy having to put that on here!! To win it you have to be in it!!

And we finished 2nd in the Perran's league!! :c:

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Guest fraz

very sad to see this topic, knew there would be one.

we should all be proud to see that for the last 4 out of 5 seasons there has been an english team in the final and that there have been 3 english teams in a semi and 2 in a final in recent years, which is showing our league to be of the highest quality. and we should all be supporting an english team because i dont know if you can tell or not but we are english! and as a liverpool fan id rather see an angry platini again knocking our league and us returning with a european champions elect for the past two years and the first to retain the title then see his grin when he thinks he was right.

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Guest Man on the Post

United have never lost a European final, so it's going to happen sometime! I hope United win but it's going to be close. :thumbsup:

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Barca for me, no contest!

if someone could come up with one benefit of Utd winning the Euro Cup - that would benefit Liverpool - then I might change my mind, until then, it will always be the foreign team.

And I'd hope Utd fans would feel the same way if it was the other way round

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I'll try to remain impartial and hope that the best team on the night wins it...........No can't do it............Come on Barca!!!!!!!!! :D:thumbsup:


My head says Manchester United, especially with the likes of Berbatove and Tevez to possibly come off the bench.

Not convinced about the Barca defence, rumours are Puyol will be playing at RB and have a feeling if Rooney plays on the left he (puyol) will get ripped. Silvinho coming in at LB for the suspended Abidal is hardly going to threaten Ronaldo especially as he is getting on a bit and hasn't played much this year.

With Marquez injured, Yaya Toure will have to slot into the back four and that's the security gone behind Iniesta and Xavi especially if Berbatov comes on and plays in the hole.

Valdez in goal is also very dodgy.

Going forward I'd say Barcelona are world class and will cause United plenty of problems, but i can see lots of goals tonight and think United will nick it 3-2.

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I don't know what's wrong with most of you people?. You have an ENGLISH team playing in the final of the biggest club cup competition in the world and here you are rooting for a bunch of sissy spaniards :wacko: ..

Why can you not look beyond rivalry or hatred for Utd supporters etc and embrace the fact that IF Utd win tonight, it's a bloody good advert for, and endorsement of the English the English game as a whole.

Let us also try not to forget just how amazingly pissed off the absolutely Anti English brigade that is Blatter & Platini will be.

I AM ENGLISH, I LOVE ENGLAND... "Come on United" :c:

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Still not swayed coopsie, i agree it would reflect well on the english game, and piss off platini and the rest of the anti english in uefa. But its the constantly mouthing united fans, half of whom wouldnt even know how to get to manchester, and that united are actually not from manchester, but play in salford!! Constant success leads to glory fans, and i couldnt bear hearing the gloating from them!!

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Nothing wrong with gloating if the success being gloated about is deserved. Let's face it, IF Utd beat Barcelona tonight, they will have beaten what is undoubtably one of the very best teams on the planet. Put that on top of a domestic double (Yes the league cup counts), and I don't think there can be many complaints about gloating.

I do see your point about their supporters not being from Manchester (Is man Utd actually located in Manchester?). However, there are supporters like Norman Wood, Gillo, Dale Gartside, Siddy etc who absolutely love Utd and regularly travel up to watch them at Old Trafford as often as possible. These TRUE supporters are the sort that have travelled thousands of miles and paid hundreds of pounds to be in Rome tonight to hopefully see their team end the night victorious.

So, for those supporters and for ENGLAND, I repeat my earlier statement "COME ON UNITED"... :c:

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The real united fans, as you mentioned, are the minority who dont gloat. Its the glory fans that get me!! I would quite happily see united win, for the likes of sid and norman, who have followed united from the year dot!! But unfortunately success brings glory fans, see chelsea, blackburn rovers, liverpool in the 80s. How often did you see a united shirt being worn before the mid 90's?? If a so called united fan could beat me in a general knowledge quiz regarding the afforementioned 'newton heath' i would happily listen to their gloating, until then i shall continue my salford united hating!!

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Fraz, Coopsie, you may be English and proud of it....you're entitled to love the whole history attached to your Butcher's Apron flag if that's your perspective, but please don't suggest "we're all English" on this Cornish website just because your Saxon thugs won the Battle of Lostwithiel !

I am a Cornish Celt. I support Wales,Scotland or Ireland in every international against England, the Breton team of Rennes and the Basque team of Atletico Bilbao as well as Chelsea and, for tonight, Barcelona. I love the Spanish because, in the 16th century, they burned Smacktown before being offered political asylum in the People's Republic of St Just.

And if this makes me "sad" or "sick", Kempy, how interesting that the poll is so close that either over half Fraz's nation is sick or, more likely, they just hate Man Ure !

Cue for the Man Ure fans to get their mothers and neighbours to sign up to vote now !....watch for a late run in the next two hours !

COME ON YOU CATALANS....republican heroes against the Franco-lovers of Real Madrid !!!

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Not that I necessarily want to support Isaac............. but

I am also Cornish - Not English

I have been to Barcelona & The Stadium - I like the place & the people -

I also hate United

So - no contest for me - Come on Barca...!!!

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To St Darren

Because English teams have been so succsesful in Europe of late, this is why we get 4 teams into the champs league. next year youll be thanking us.

Lets hope its a good game

I hate Liverpool with a passion, but loved the comeback in Istanbul, and was semi happy for them.

No im not from manchester (sorry)

just been brought up supporting the club when they were winning nothing, and over the last years have been getting payback.

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Coopsie, if you can tell me where Liverpool benefit if Utd win the Champions League, then I might listen!!!

Come on Barca!!

The extra revenue that will be available when the TV companies see that the Premiership is STILL the ultimate and best league in the world and will be for many years to come. The more success our English teams gain anywhere in the world, the bigger the brand and the higher the stock rises.. That benefits ALL teams in the Premiership as far as I'm concerned.

I know you Liverpool supporters hate Utd with a passion and I DO understand your animosity towards the best team on these fine British shores. I often suffer from attacks by the green eyed monster myself..

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:clapper: :clapper::clapper::clapper::clapper:

Tuned into SKY: I can't watch an "Irish" international with an accent like Townsend. Nice to see a result that reflects the democratic wish of the Cornish people for once....although unlike the vote, the match was not close. Hey, Ferguson, your boys took a hell of a beating ! No wonder you've got a cough, you poor OAP. Hope it's nothing trivial !

:clapper::clapper::clapper::clapper: :clapper:

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