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cornishteddyboy is getting old

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On my way up to the Newquay v Penzance match last night I purchased a small bottle of orange juice. I took a sip, screwed the top back on and put it in my jacket pocket to drink during the match. Half-way to Newquay I heard a funny sound. Putting my hand in my pocket I dipped into an inch of juice and withdrew my phone.

Yes you guessed my old phone is kaput, defunct, gone to meet it's maker. I'm getting old and stupid to put a phone and juice together.

After having a quick fiddle in the back of the car, nothing happened (my ex-wifes old complaint, actually!!), so on the way home I purchased a new phone from Tesco, one with a qwerty keyboard, as I can't text properly for toffee.

So all my contact details with everyone are on my old phone and at the momemt all it is doing is giving a quick occasional flash.

Therefore to all those who contact me by mobile, I've lost your details, and the sim card from my old phone won't work in the new, so I need you to text me on my new number with who you are, so I can add you to my list of contacts.

My new number is 07597907549

I don't want you texting my old number with the results and scorers, etc as I won't answer and you will think me impolite and a miserable old sod.

Text me with combo results, scorers, attendances, gossip, etc. or anything you want as old, foolish people do get lonely



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Commiserations, CTB. Don't worry about fiddling in the back of the car: what happens on the pitch is much more important. Anybody who puts ###### before points in the Combination League should be in junior football. Having left my wife's phone charger in Barnstaple, my walkiing boots in Leicester and my pyjama top in Southampton in the last week, you ain't alone in ageing. My last three mobiles went in a washing machine; down a drain while I was trying to climb over a wall; and in a full pint glass after being scat around my head by a close family member respectively. :D

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