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Combo Result - Tue 21st April

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Remember if the league counted League or Sup Cup goals as well, a team could play anything up to 6 extra games compared with others.

Team A) 38 league games, and then if knocked out of the 2 cups in the prelim rounds add 2 games. Total 40 games played in a season.

Team Z) 38 league games, plus a possible 8 in the league cup, prelim plus replay, 1st round plus replay, Q-F plus replay, S-F then final. If knocked out of the league cup after replay in the 1st round they could then end up playing 4 games in the sup cup:- prelim, Q-F, S-F, Final making a total of 4 games in each cup. There are no replays in the sup cup.

So they could end up playing 46 games, totally throwing the league goal scoring chart skuwiff

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saw the game tuesday and felt sorry for holmans but they were simply blown away in the first half, even though they tried to play football. although I don't like to praise him Gossy's first free kick from 35 yards was a beauty swerving round the wall into the top corner.

6-0 at half time would have demoralised any team, but holmans to their credit gave it a go and pulled a goal back and might of had another soon after before 3 late goals finished it off. felt a bit sorry for the holmans keeper who had no chance with any of the goals.

Surprised to see the Redruth rugby lad richard carroll playing up front showed a couple of decent touches but lost mike cain for both of his headed goals.

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Guest Sam Boston

Surprised to see the Redruth rugby lad richard carroll playing up front

He's a big lad isn't he? Scared the life out of me when I walked in our changing room and he was in there borrowing the mirror!

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