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Tavistock v St Blazey

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The St Blazey faithful cross the border for the last time this season, hoping to claim all three points at high-flying Tavistock.

Following a recent dip in form, our chances of FA Cup qualification for next season are hanging by a thread and we must surely look to gain 10 points from the remaining 12 available if we are to have any chance of finishing in that decisive tenth place.

It's a tall order though; Tavi has proved a tough place to visit for most teams this season and they currently lie in an excellent 6th position. Many of the travelling green and blacks will view a draw as a good result, but I feel we really need to go for broke now if we are to have any chance of achieving that FA Cup place.

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Dan - Has the 10th.league position been confirmed as a F.A.Cup acceptance?

The way I see it is that only teams from the top 4 are guaranteed.

Then a limited number will be considered from all the National Step 6 leagues from positions 5th.to 10th. ie Not guaranteed.

With present league standings -only one Cornish club is in for sure (Bodmin) and of course Truro of the Southern League..

I understand that the SWPL will be pressing the F.A to give more leniency to their ruling on the basis that Cornwall will be lowly represented in next seasons competition.

The FA Cup dates (2009/10) have been announced and are same as this season.

Extra Preliminary Round Sat.August 15th.

Preliminary Round Sat.August 29th.

Then every fortnight until the 3rd.round proper in January.

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Whilst it would be very good to enter tha FA Cup for yet another year (for both status and income) St Blazey are very much in a rebuilding stage which must take centre stage. The current squad of players have together come through many difficult times and the Team Spirit appears exteremly high and they are all working and encouraging each other. (Completely different to the Tavistock Team who spent 90 minutes arguing either amonst themselves or with the Referee). St Blazey are also trying very hard to play football on the grass. Quite a few teams have said that St Blazey were the best "footballing" side thay had played.

With two or three additional new tall players at Centre Forward/Centre back we should be able to fire on all four cylinders come the new season. We are building for the long future of 36 League Games next season. To try and undo all of the excellent work that has been put in place for the sake of not playing a few early Cup Games, would be criminal and an injustice to both Mr Oaten and his players.

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Reading Bobby Oaten's comments in the Cornish Times made me laugh about as much as your comments above. You two must be related.

Anyhow, must say I thought we had by far the better chances / posession in the first half on Tuesday and St Blazey were the better side by a long way in the second half and when we scored it was probalby against the run of play. I thought Joe Carey was outstanding when he came off the bench and was glad he didn't start the match.

I know your fans were sure that Maddy was brought down inside the box and it certainly was a close one, but for Bobby to state in the paper it was 5 yards inside the box is a bit on the ridiculous side, especially as the linesman was right in line and the ref less than 10 yards away.

Thought your supporters behind the goal were brilliant throughout, we would love to have a few like them.

St Blazey do have the makings of a good side and maybe because of injuries etc is why you are in the bottom half?

We had two bookings for tackles Matty David, Mike Arscott, and you had 2/3 bookings for dissent and 1 sending off. Who was arguing with the ref?

Good luck for the rest of the season and I do hope you finish in the top ten and get a place in next seasons FA Cup. It's the least your loyal supporters deserve.

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I no time has ticked on but id like to say that when the Ref blew for the foul, at no point did I think it was outside the box!! Then when he only gave the free kick I couldnt believe it!! Ok Bobby might have gone over the top when he said it was 5 yards inside. But it was at least 4 though!!! :D

Just thought id add how good it was to see Tavi building a new stand and changing rooms. It will look superb im sure. Lets hope it looks better than Wadebridges effort.

Also a quick note on Andy Meads. Ive been following Blazey for over 10 years and many games against Tavi with Andy playing in everyone as far as i no. Always got time for a word with the Blazey following. Top man. :thumbsup:

And on to last friday and our match against Saltash. Ill just say i hope that this side sticks together with just a few additions because weve played some great football lately. Went 3 up and made hard work of it but the home fans pushed em on and made sure with a classy 4th. Youd think wed won the F.A cup with our celebrations. Well done St Blazey....roll on next season. :yahoo:

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