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The Damned United

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I went to see The Damned United this afternoon - the film about Brian Clough's 44 days as Leeds manager (although most of the film focuses on his time as Derby manager), and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Anyone who has any interest in football will love it, and anyone who doesn't will probably love it too! There were two old ladies sat in front of me in the cinema, and at the end of the film one turned to the other and said, "I wasn't sure I would enjoy a film about football, but thats the best film i've seen for a long time and I think i'll come and see it again next week!"

Michael Sheen is brilliant as Clough. I thought he played David Frost well in Frost/Nixon, but I think this portrail of a character is a far superior one.

It's a brilliant film and I would recomend it to anyone - so go see it!

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