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Fans versus spectators

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On my travels around the SWPL Premier grounds, I have noticed that some clubs seem to have a fan base (you know, singing, vocal support, that sort of thing) and some just have spectators.

I would split these as follows:





St Blazey


Wadebridge (very limited)


Holsworthy (very limited)










Don't know:



NA Spurs

These are based on what I have seen travelling around the grounds. No doubt I'll provoke some abuse from the Liskeard hardcore support!!

Any thoughts?

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Judging books by covers is so "School Boyish" and so is this thread!!!


Haha! Only saying what I'm seeing! :clapper:

Having said that, Torpoint is the only full stand I have seen this season. The weather was awful and your stand is rather small... but it was full!!

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

Sounds like you are jealous Paul :thumbsup: It's a very exclusive club you know, not everyone gets slagged of by numptys for no reason !

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Guest tafc.-gaffa

Its normally the gobby ones that know nothing about the game,and are really only worth keeping for bar profits not for doing their team any good!!!!

Torpoints faithfull are a good bunch that do put money behind the bar,are there every week in numbers that dont sing! I'll take that as good fans. Keep singing Danblazey you must be making the difference!!!!

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Paul - yes mate, be prepared for some country roads, might even bring a compass and drive across the fields!!

TAFC - you've clearly got a committed bunch of people there and are moving in a good direction. You stuffed us twice this season for a start. On top of that, you produce what is in my opinion, the best SWPL programme in Cornwall (although we all have some way to go to get anywhere near that of Buckland!) Add to that, the working floodlights and the list of achievements is getting quite lengthy.

As for "fans" who get behind their team, can we hear the torpoint sing? No we can't!

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